Continental Cafe, Syston

If you are ever in Leicestershire and want a cosy little cafe to enjoy a full English breakfast, lovely lunch or perhaps just a tea and cake break, the Continental Cafe in Syston is a wonderful place. With good prices and friendly staff, the cafe is a great find and perfectly situated in Syston town centre. It provided the perfect escape from the grey, wet weather yesterday, with the interior being calming and inviting, and the cooked breakfast and tea was excellent fuel for spending the rest of the day in Nottingham. I enjoyed my brunch in the cafe’s extension, which is only a couple of years old and it is a really peaceful area, just tucked away from the main cafe and ordering area. You can enjoy afternoon teas here too.

I think what I like most about the cafe is the decor, with the Parisian feel being a major attraction for a Francophile like me. The cafe even boasts its own ‘Petit Sanctuaire’ for any couples wanting to have a romantic lunch date.


Gorgeous Parisian decor
Cosy window seat
If you want to find out anything else about the cafe, check out their website or discover my contact page to ask more questions.
Megan x