How to Have a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

Since blogging, I have made no attempt to hide that I hate exercise and love chocolate. Kind of a bad combination if you want to be a healthy in any way, shape or form. Recently though, I have realised how important it is to stay healthy. Of course, this is through a combination of health and fitness bloggers who make me feel guilty, and actually using the free gym membership at uni!

white-male-1856187__340-7984102 Cross trainers are my go-to machines at the gym
I do still find it difficult to get that balance. I find that if I do not eat some chocolate, my body will definitely get withdrawal symptoms, which would not make me feel healthy! Having said this, here are my tips from what I have learned so far for a balanced healthy lifestyle:

  • Exercise – getting exercise does not mean sweating it in the gym for hours on end everyday. Half an hour of exercise each day is fine to get your muscles moving and heart pumping.
  • Walking – do not underestimate walking as a form of exercise. As a student, I walk pretty much everywhere, and I am really starting to notice the difference.
  • Food – becoming healthier does not suddenly mean an extreme diet with no carbs, sugars or fats. If you did do that, you would barely have any energy to move. We all need a bit of everything in a balanced diet, just in moderation.
  • Cooking – cooking can often be a tough bit. The temptation to stick some chicken nuggets and chips in the oven is always there for me as a student (it still happens sometimes), but if you plan ahead, you can make freezer meals with your protein and veg all in one.
  • Treat yourself – Always make sure you reward yourself, whether that is with a pudding on the weekend, or a nice warm bubble bath. It is those little incentives that help you to get through the week.
  • Organisation – I cannot begin to tell you how much I organise and plan. Every week, I make a plan of what I am doing each day, and it always feels so good when I can tick something off my list. I also feel bad if I leave something until the last minute, so organising is a great way to get me to do stuff!

apple-1851467__340-8383629 My notebook, laptop and phone are all I need to get organised I hope this information comes in handy. I am not a fitness fanatic or diet expert, but this is just some advice that I use for myself. Megan x

P.S. Revealing Vlogmas plans in my video tomorrow!