A Day in London

Hey everyone! Pleased to say I can now write this post after finishing two assignments. On Saturday, I went to London to see Les Miserables!! After watching the film, I had been desperate to see it on stage, so for my 18th birthday, my parents got me tickets.

So sweet!! My family were quite late in discovering the Les Mis phenomenon. We only decided to watch the film because we had heard all the hype, so thought we better check it out. Little did we know that 3 hours later, we would emerge not only crying but true Les Miserables converts. I thought after that experience, the film could not be topped. I was wrong. The play was absolutely amazing!! I still ended up crying on a few occasions and came out feeling emotionally exhausted! It was all worth it though. We had really good seats in the stalls that were really central, so you could always see what was happening, even the emotions on the actors faces. The best parts were when all the cast were singing together. It was so powerful and really sent a chill down my spine! Whilst we were in London, we had some time to visit Covent Garden and the Southbank Centre. Apart from the weather (as you can tell from the photo), it was a fantastic day and full of new discoveries. I had not been to the Southbank Centre, but it was a revelation. It is really modern inside with a great cafe and shop. When we there, there was also some live music as part of the BBC Radio 3 Jazz Festival. Southbank Centre on the far right. Covent Garden is a pleasure no matter what the weather. The Christmas decorations added an extra something special.

Highly recommend Les Miserables. Easily the best West End show I have seen!

Megan x