Expanding the Joyful Blogging Community

Happy Wednesday! How is your week going? So, if you didn’t know already, I run a Pinterest group board for bloggers called Joyful Blogging. The board is a place for positivity in the blogging community where bloggers can share their content as well as support and discover other bloggers. I always had in my mind that this would be the first step towards creating a larger Joyful Blogging community online, and I’m pleased to say that the community is expanding! Below are the places where you will be able to get involved.


As mentioned above, the Pinterest board is one of the places to find Joyful Blogging. I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict myself, so I’d love to help others discover Pinterest more. You can find the group board here with the group guidelines in the description.


Every Tuesday and Friday morning on my Twitter (@meganelifestyle), I will post a Joyful Blogging support thread. Here you can comment what you need support on. This might be more comments on a post, an Instagram photo that needs more likes etc. I will keep comments open on the threads until the next one is posted, so that I can keep track of my notifications and run Joyful Blogging effectively.


Every Sunday, I will be doing a ‘stories shoutout’ on my Instagram (@meganelifestyle). All you’d need to do is use #joyfulblogging and I will be keeping a watch on the hashtag throughout the week and be sharing some posts on my stories.


If all this sounds like something you want to be involved in, then welcome to Joyful Blogging! I’ll be adding this post to a page under the ‘About Me’ section on the blog, so everyone can find it easily. Depending on how things go with Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, I might start a Facebook group in the future.

The first Twitter thread will be this Friday (19th April). I hope to do a Sunday Story Share, but it might take the hashtag a bit of time to develop. The Pinterest group is running as usual, so feel free to request to join if you haven’t already.

Happy Blogging!