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    Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single People

    Ah Valentine’s Day. The festival that you either love or hate. If you’re in a relationship, it’s one of the best days of the year, but if not, the day serves as a reminder that you are single, especially when you go to the shops and see the rows of chocolates, teddy bears and greeting cards covered in hearts. It’s hard not to feel low when you’re single and it’s Valentine’s Day. However, instead of letting Valentine’s cause a dark cloud above your head, embrace the positives of single life and celebrate you on Valentine’s Day. Here’s a few ideas of what I mean by this. Self-care Whether you’re in…

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    The Post Valentine's Day Cleanse

    In the wake of Valentine’s Day yesterday and after reading countless numbers of pro Valentine’s blog posts, I have decided to go for a slightly different angle and tell you my real opinion of Valentine’s Day. I understand couples wanting to celebrate an anniversary of some sort as it marks a milestone in the relationship and shows their commitment to one another. But what is the point of Valentine’s Day really? It is no different to any other day and has simply become a big commercial opportunity to sell loads of roses and chocolates. You may have spent your night munching through the many boxes of malteasers you were inundated…