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    Salzburg Travel Guide | Throwback Thursday

    Feeling in the mood to reminisce, so what better time to do so than on throwback Thursday. When I was 13, I visited Salzburg in Austria. To this day, it remains one of my most memorable trips, if not the most. There’s so much to see and do in such a small area and there’s a real sense of culture. If you enjoyed my post on Seville and are seeking more European city adventures, then this Salzburg travel guide is perfect for you.   I will say now that I went in 2011, but I’ve double checked and all these sites are still open. Hallein Salt Mine Ironically, the 2…

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    Seville Travel Guide – Top 4 Places to Visit

    The past couple of weeks have been quite busy, and blogging has had to take a bit of backseat unfortunately. I’m trying to get myself organised though and this week it’s blog central. I recently had a long weekend in Seville, Spain. It’s such a beautiful city and you can easily spend hours just walking around all the beautiful cobbled streets. Everywhere you turn there’s a different square, gorgeous old building or collection of orange trees. The city centre is a maze of culture and history. Rather than attempting to trace my each and every step for you though (as we might get lost in Seville), I’ve put together a…

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    The Future of My Blog- You Decide

    Gosh, busy day today. I thought this post would have to go up tomorrow, but I thought I’d do a Wednesday post before the new schedule (Monday and Thursday) kicks in next week. I’m debating the future of my blog and have decided to change things around. The reason? My year abroad. Plans are really switching up a notch as I prepare to move to France at the end of September. I’m feeling a combination of excitement and nervousness right now. The Future of My Blog In an ideal world I would love to continue posting 3 times a week, but with my language assistantship and experiencing all that France…

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    Visiting Kew Gardens | Travel

    Hello everyone! If you caught my Instagram stories yesterday, you will know that I was visiting Kew Gardens! After hearing good things, my family and I decided on a trip there. Visiting Kew Gardens Getting there As it was a day visit, the choice was to get up early and drive, risking the M25 traffic, or go by train. In the end, train won. We had to change a couple of times due to the different tube lines, but we weren’t in a rush, as Kew opens until 8pm on Fridays. What’s more, we arrived at lunchtime, perfect for refuelling before exploring the gardens (the food was delicious). The Glasshouses…

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    July 2018 Favourites | What I’ve Loved

    It’s time for my July 2018 Favourites. Before we know it, the end of August will arrive! One thing I notice with favourites posts is that beauty products feature heavily. My July 2018 Favourites prove this doesn’t have to be the case. My July 2018 Favourites Devon           Considering I spent the middle chunk of July 2018 in Devon, it’s definitely a favourite! We were lucky with the weather, which made a difference. In July, Devon and Cornwall are susceptible to rain, but not this time. My days involved admiring coastal views, swimming in the sea and eating A LOT of ice cream. Notes on a…

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    Top 5 Things to Do in Devon

    Stressful morning! Woke up to news of a water shortage. It turns out that there’s a burst water pipe in a field near me and most villages in my area are sans water. It really makes me realise how much I take even the simplest things, like having water when you need it, for granted. Moments like this one are a wake-up call! Anyway, Mondays are stressful enough without me going on about water supply problems. Moving onto something far more pleasant in my opinion, which is a look back at my time in Devon. Inspired by Abbey Louisa Rose’s brilliant post summing up her time in Sorrento, I thought…

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    Blogger Interview #9: A Winter Escape

    2nd interview of the weekend is here! It was an absolute pleasure interviewing Amelia from A Winter Escape. Let’s see what amazing things she has to say! 1) It must be hard to pick as a travel blogger, but do you have a favourite place you’ve visited so far? I have a few, but they’re all for different reasons. Vietnam is important to me as it was my first overseas trip, and I went back for work and loved it even more. The people, and the food they create, are incredible. Edinburgh is also important to me as I had been traveling solo and having some struggles and then when…

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    Blogger Interview #7: Cornish Maid

    Back for the second interview in this weekend’s blog networking session. I won’t lie, I’m a tad jealous of Laura from Cornish Maid getting live in Cornwall and have so many wonderful adventures in this beautiful corner of the UK. It’s time to see what Laura has to say about this magnificent place and her experience as a blogger from Cornwall (and see some photos courtesy of Laura).  From your blog title, you can tell straight away that your blog is about Cornwall. What’s the best thing about living in Cornwall? The best thing about living in Cornwall is being so close to the sea! I grew up in Cornwall…

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    A (Practical) Guide to Holiday Packing

    Hands up if you’re guilty of taking too much stuff on holiday and never wearing half of it? My hand flies up immediately. The excuse of “I need to pack for every eventuality” is unfortunately of no use now, especially when it comes to my family holidays, as I now know the sort of activities we will be doing and what clothing etc. is appropriate to take with me. However, I still am not the most efficient person when it comes to packing, and will no doubt be the one loaded up with too many bags. If anything, this post is just as much for my benefit, as it will…