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    4 Ways to Relax When You’re Stressed Out

    I’ve done posts before on how to stay calm and enjoy life. However, while things like having that cup of tea or bubble bath are great ways to keep any stresses at bay, what do you do if you’re having a stressful moment and can’t seem to find your way out? You know the times I mean. When you have a million thoughts going around your mind and you can’t sit still. You might be worried about something and can’t concentrate. Sometimes, those stressed out moments just happen for one reason or another. Here are some ways to let out all the frustration and regain focus. Art We’re not talking…

  • Notes on a Nervous Planet
    Health & Wellbeing

    Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig | Book Review

    Hello there! Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig made a huge impact on me as you’ll know from my July favourites post. Having experienced mental health issues myself, I want to share my thoughts on why this book is a must read. I first off have to thank Ruth in Revolt. If it wasn’t for her competition on Twitter, I might not have come across this book. Yes, I received my copy for free, but buying the book won’t break the bank. On Amazon, it only costs £4 and I guarantee that it is worth far more than this. The book is quite literally life-changing. What is Notes…

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    My 2018 Wellness Goals

    I’m doing it. A second post for 2018. So far, the blogging is looking good. I will admit this post is not about me having a fitness journey and gaining rock hard abs or avoiding eating chocolate. Let’s be realistic here, that will never happen. I would like to talk to you about what has now become my New Year’s resolution, albeit starting a bit later in January. Over the past few weeks, I have had my January exams, which means head down revising and made all the more stressful knowing that 2nd year counts towards my degree. By the time my exams actually came around, I felt fairly confident…

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    The Importance of Relaxation

    Hello everyone! I’m back blogging now after what has been a stressful week or two. I will not bore you as to why this was, so let’s get into the post. Although stressful times are hard, they can be made a lot easier if you take the time to relax. Of course, anyone with something on their mind will say they cannot relax, but I believe this to be false. Feeling anxious or stressed is something which we think we have no control over, when actually we have complete control. The problem is with stress is that it clouds your mind, so thinking clearly becomes a bit of an issue.…

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    How to Survive January Exams

    At last, laptop is fully functioning and I can sit down with a big mug of tea and write a blog post. I am no stranger to the world of exams. Starting with SATS in Year 6, tests have since been an annual occurrence at the end of the school year. However, come GCSEs, not only do you have to endure your spring and summer time in a haze of revision, but January suddenly becomes a dreaded month of studying too. Whether you have mocks, resits, or like me, an essay and an end of module exam, January examinations can be the worst. Unfortunately, Christmas sends you into a false…