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    Sugar-free Wholemeal Apple Cake

    Gosh, it’s been a while since I last did a food and drink post! It’s not a topic I write about much nowadays, but I spent some time cooking over the weekend, and based on my Instagram stories poll, I’ve decided to share the recipe. This one is a sugar-free wholemeal apple cake. Since the possible Crohn’s diagnosis, I’ve been watching what I eat more. It’s advised to cut back on the sugar, but me being me and having a sweet tooth wanted to find a loophole (guilty). There was some wholemeal flour and xylitol (a natural sweetener) in the cupboard, so I adapted my grandma’s Victoria sponge recipe. Plus,…

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    An Afternoon in the Kitchen #3: Simple Student Bolognese

    Bolognese is the first proper meal that I decided to cook as a student, most of my previous food either being an easy option from the freezer or free food during Freshers’ (I’m not complaining!) Bolognese is such an simple to dish to cook, and is brilliant for stocking up the freezer to make cooking after a day of lectures far less daunting. As you can see from the photo, I managed to stretch to four portions out of not a great deal of food! Ingredients: 500g beef mince (you can use alternatives such as pork and turkey but beef is cheaper) 1 red onion 1 carrot 500g passata A good handful of spinach Seasoning…