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    5 Easy Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

    Only a few more days until the new year now. No doubt something a lot of you are thinking about is what resolution to make for 2019. The obvious ones are always ‘be healthier’ or ‘eat less chocolate’. They’re great resolutions, but it’s also important to think about the wider world. After all, you can make more than one resolution. 2018 has shown more than ever the need to focus on saving our environment. The truth is we can all make small and easy changes in our everyday lives that don’t take any time or effort. Here are 5 eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions that will help protect our planet. Reusable…

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    2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Plan with Me

    Join me for my 2019 bullet journal setup! The end of 2018 saw a lack of bullet journaling. It was not very consistent. In 2019 I want to change this, as when I have a journal spread, my organisation level is far better. Rather than carrying on with monthly spreads, I wanted to start afresh in 2019 – albeit in the same notebook – and have some official ‘introduction’ pages, before jumping into January. I was inspired by Amanda Rach Lee after watching her 2019 setup video and have incorporated aspects of her design in my year setup. 2019 Bullet Journal Setup I really liked the simple black and white…

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    Reflecting on 2 Years of Blogging

    I’m back after what seems like a lifetime. Over the past few weeks, I have been busy reflecting on myself as a blogger and working behind the scenes on Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle. Hopefully, you can notice the difference. The reason for such a change? I’ve worked as a freelance writer for about 2 years now and I wanted to join together this aspect of my life with my blog and create an all-singing, all-dancing site. I’ve also been doing some work with Marketing Voice in Leicester and my knowledge of SEO and WordPress has improved from this experience. I wanted to apply this to the blog to create a better…

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    Hello 2018!

    Hello everyone! I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I have blogged, or even posted on social media, but it’s 2018 and time to change that! You may all be wondering what I have been up to these past few months, so I am going to give you a summary that hopefully will not go on for too long! 1. Summer If you follow my Instagram page, you will have noticed a couple of posts documenting my Cornwall holiday back in July. It was lovely to get away for a couple of weeks and, needless to say, most of the places we visited were dependent on where Poldark…

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    2017 Blog Goals

    As starting a New Year health cleanse today seems impossible as there is still a cupboard full of Christmas chocolate, I thought I would at least set my blog goals to make myself feel like I am doing something worthwhile. We went on a family walk this morning at Beacon Hill Country Park, and being in such a beautiful place really allowed me to think about this year’s aims, but also to do some more photography.   As it is the New Year and I now have a camera, I have been taking lots of photos which make me think of a fresh start. The horizon, leaves and frost are…

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    Goodbye 2016

    I have read several posts on the new year over the past few days, that originally I was not going to do one. However, I do not know why, after 18 years on the planet, it has suddenly dawned on me that we only live each year once. There will never again be a 2016 or a 2015 etc. so I feel it is important to reflect on the past 365 days (or was it a gap year?) and also look ahead to what 2017 may have to offer. Sometimes it is hard to remember everything that has happened this year. It has been quite a crazy one! The beginning…