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    Blogger Interview #4: Doorways and Dresses

    Happy Friday everybody. The weekend is almost upon us! From my Twitter, I made a little announcement that blogger interviews will be making an appearance on Fridays AND Saturdays. Overwhelmed by the number of you interested in the project, so I’ve had to increase the posts per week and turn it into a blog networking bonanza! Kicking off the new Friday slot is Vicky from Doorways and Dresses. It’s been an absolute pleasure hearing from Vicky, especially communicating on all things Leeds and France related. Here we go!   1) How did your blog start?   I had wanted to start a blog for years and never really had the…

  • Bullet Journal

    Starting a Bullet Journal

    It’s the start of a new week and a new month, so why not try something new? My poor Twitter and Instagram followers have been putting up with me spamming them with posts about my attempts at starting a bullet journal, so I thought it’s only fair I share my experience on the blog too. I’ve been tempted to start a bullet journal for quite some time, but was always put off under the belief you need to be an amazing artist, which I am most certainly not. However, after watching a fair few YouTube tutorials and reading many blogs, I decided to take the leap and have a go…

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    Blogger Interview #2: Capture Sunshine

    Hey everyone! I’m back with a new interview and this weekend, it’s with Sakshi from Capture Sunshine, a blog full of positivity. Check out her advice below on happiness and self-improvement.  1) Am I right saying this blog is new? Why did you decide to create your blog now?  Yes, I launched my blog ‘Capturing Sunshine’ this month. I have been blogging since I was in high school and somehow over these years I felt like I grew out of my blog. The thoughts I had as a teenager didn’t resemble me any further and hence, I started a new beginning that felt more like the current me. 2) Have…

  • Lylia Rose

    Blogger Interview #1: Lylia Rose

    Hey everyone! It’s here! The first of my blogger interview posts has arrived! I am aiming to publish an interview every weekend over the summer, but as I have had quite a few request, who knows they could become a more regular feature.  To kick off the series, Victoria from Lylia Rose has provided some insight as to what blogging and running an online shop is really like.  1) Lylia Rose is made up of your blog and online scarf boutique. How did this all start? Originally, in early 2012, I started making some handmade cards whilst I was on maternity leave with my daughter.  I guess I needed a…

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    Alcohol: A Few Thoughts

    Hello everyone! How has everyone’s week been? Quite a controversial post coming your way now, but I would like to make clear that these are just my opinions that I felt the need to write about. So, what is this post all about you may wonder? The answer: alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally against drinking. I completely understand having a glass of wine with a meal on the weekend, and until recently, I was known to enjoy the odd Friday night G&T. Now, however, I have been without said G&T for over a month and honestly, it’s not bad. What I don’t get about alcohol is all…