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    Spring Resolutions: Set Your Goals Now

    Happy March everyone! How are we 3 months into 2019 already?! I don’t know about you, but my New Year’s resolutions didn’t last long, at least the classic ‘be healthier and fitter’ didn’t. The eco-friendly one is still going strong though. This got me thinking that January is a bad time for resolutions and really our New Year’s goals should be spring resolutions. Why the switch? First off, why not January? Well, if you’ve got the be healthier wish like me, January isn’t the most conducive month for such plan. It’s still old and dark and the thought of exercising goes out the window in favour of a Netflix evening…

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    2017 Blog Goals

    As starting a New Year health cleanse today seems impossible as there is still a cupboard full of Christmas chocolate, I thought I would at least set my blog goals to make myself feel like I am doing something worthwhile. We went on a family walk this morning at Beacon Hill Country Park, and being in such a beautiful place really allowed me to think about this year’s aims, but also to do some more photography.   As it is the New Year and I now have a camera, I have been taking lots of photos which make me think of a fresh start. The horizon, leaves and frost are…