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    Sugar-free Wholemeal Apple Cake

    Gosh, it’s been a while since I last did a food and drink post! It’s not a topic I write about much nowadays, but I spent some time cooking over the weekend, and based on my Instagram stories poll, I’ve decided to share the recipe. This one is a sugar-free wholemeal apple cake. Since the possible Crohn’s diagnosis, I’ve been watching what I eat more. It’s advised to cut back on the sugar, but me being me and having a sweet tooth wanted to find a loophole (guilty). There was some wholemeal flour and xylitol (a natural sweetener) in the cupboard, so I adapted my grandma’s Victoria sponge recipe. Plus,…

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    Blogger Interview #4: Doorways and Dresses

    Happy Friday everybody. The weekend is almost upon us! From my Twitter, I made a little announcement that blogger interviews will be making an appearance on Fridays AND Saturdays. Overwhelmed by the number of you interested in the project, so I’ve had to increase the posts per week and turn it into a blog networking bonanza! Kicking off the new Friday slot is Vicky from Doorways and Dresses. It’s been an absolute pleasure hearing from Vicky, especially communicating on all things Leeds and France related. Here we go!   1) How did your blog start?   I had wanted to start a blog for years and never really had the…