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    Selfie Bag by Cotton Bag Co. Review

    I thought it was about time I did a fashion post as they’ve been pretty non-existent on this blog. Needless to say, when the opportunity to review the Selfie Bag by Cotton Bag Co. came around, I couldn’t wait to try it. Whilst not a major handbag enthusiast, I love tote bags. University open days definitely made me want to see how many tote bags I could collect. At first glance, the Selfie Bag looks just like a normal tote. There are 2 designs to choose from. A colourful flower print, or a black and gold pattern. I went for the black and gold as I felt that was more…

  • Body Confidence
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    Body Confidence: Thoughts, Advice and More

    Hello everyone! I noticed that I hadn’t published a ‘proper’ beauty or fashion post for ages. My favourites posts might feature a beauty product, but beauty is the main focus today. I decided it’s time to talk about something very much an issue in modern-day society. That is, body confidence. I mentioned body confidence in my Matt Haig book review, but after writing, I still had a lot to say. In a world of modelling, magazines, mannequins, and media, it’s no surprise that body confidence and self-love is hard. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed the pressures. Just before my holiday, I uttered things like “I can’t wear…

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    A (Practical) Guide to Holiday Packing

    Hands up if you’re guilty of taking too much stuff on holiday and never wearing half of it? My hand flies up immediately. The excuse of “I need to pack for every eventuality” is unfortunately of no use now, especially when it comes to my family holidays, as I now know the sort of activities we will be doing and what clothing etc. is appropriate to take with me. However, I still am not the most efficient person when it comes to packing, and will no doubt be the one loaded up with too many bags. If anything, this post is just as much for my benefit, as it will…

  • KM Photographic

    Photo Shoot with KM Photographic

    As promised, I am sharing details (and photos) of my shoot with Kirstie from KM Photographic. For those of you who don’t know, Kirstie is the amazing blogger from Behind the Scent, who has now launched her photography business, KM Photographic. I was fortunate enough to be invited on a Blogtography Taster Session in Leicester along with 5 other bloggers. I had an hour-long shoot, with 1 outfit and 5 photos at the end. Whilst this session was free, I have to say Kirstie’s rates are very reasonable and is one of the only photographers I know in Leicestershire who understands a blogger’s needs for great photos. This was my…

  • Lylia Rose
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    Blogger Interview #1: Lylia Rose

    Hey everyone! It’s here! The first of my blogger interview posts has arrived! I am aiming to publish an interview every weekend over the summer, but as I have had quite a few request, who knows they could become a more regular feature.  To kick off the series, Victoria from Lylia Rose has provided some insight as to what blogging and running an online shop is really like.  1) Lylia Rose is made up of your blog and online scarf boutique. How did this all start? Originally, in early 2012, I started making some handmade cards whilst I was on maternity leave with my daughter.  I guess I needed a…

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    How to Survive with 5 Pairs of Shoes

      “Shoes” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by sk8geek For those of you who love your shoes and fashion and are looking at the title of this post thinking who is she, I will state for the record that I do own more than 5 pairs of shoes. However, a) it’s winter, so that rules out wearing any form of summer shoe and b) I can’t walk in heels, which overall does limit the number of shoes I wear around this time of year. Anyway, stop rambling Megan, back to the point. On Monday morning, I was getting ready to go to my lecture and decided to wear my black patent brogues. I was just…

  • Wedding Outfit
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    My Wedding Outfit

    Aaargh! Sorry for the lack of blog posts everyone! I have a lot of university work and freelance work on at the moment, so blogging and all things social media has had to take a bit of a back seat. I will endeavor to get back to a schedule as soon as possible. It was my cousin’s wedding on Saturday down in Canterbury and it was the first wedding I remember I had been to where I was not a bridesmaid. This meant I had more freedom with my choice of outfit, so it was great fun choosing what to wear and indeed wearing it! I thought deciding what dress…

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    All About Eyewear: Glasses vs Contacts

    It has been a while since I have done a fashion post, although this is also crossing over the border into beauty, but I thought I would write about something I do not tend to read about, but that is a big part of my everyday life. The whole glasses and contact lenses dilemma. I have been asked quite a few times over the years if I will ever wear contact lenses. Honestly, I have never felt the need to wear contact lenses, but that does not mean that I do not think about the pros and cons of both. I have had glasses since I was around three, so…

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    Visiting York

    Yesterday, I decided to take a trip to York to do something different and refreshing after a heavy week of university work. The last time I visited the city was a good 8 years ago (how long??) on a trip with my primary school, so it was lovely to go back and really appreciate all the wonderful things that the city has to offer. Plus, with a railcard return price of £8 and a short 20 minute train journey, it is the perfect day out for a student. Whilst I love Leeds and think it is a fantastic place to be a student in, York holds a certain old charm…