Slow Fashion Season: What Is It and How to Take Part

Are you are beginning to be more conscious about your fashion consumption and wanting to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? If so, you may have seen people talking about Slow Fashion Season, which runs from 21st June to 21st September annually. In case it is new to you, it is perfect timing to introduce the movement and how you can take part.

Note: This is not a sponsored post or anything. Just something I wanted to write about and raise awareness for x

What is Slow Fashion Season?

Slow Fashion Season is a period of 3 months from 21st June to 21st September. During this time, you commit yourself to being more conscious with your fashion choices and do not buy any new fast fashion items or support fast fashion brands.

Why these months though,when you can set yourself a goal to be more sustainable anytime? Indeed, developing more conscious lifestyles is something we should be doing at all times.

Slow Fashion Season was created by an organisation called CollAction. The platform seeks to make the world a better place through crowdacting campaigns.

I think that starting off any sustainable change in life can be hard on your own. There can be the mindset of “me on my own won’t do much” etc.

With crowdacting campaigns like SFS though, it is exactly as the name suggests. You are not alone in your desire to create positive changes. CollAction makes it possible for you to come together with people from across the world to take collective inspired action. All you need to do to become part of the action is sign up for the crowdaction campaign.

In the case of Slow Fashion Season, it is an opportunity to begin your conscious fashion journey, knowing that thousands of other people share the same goals as you and are going through the same lifestyle change. What’s more, having a large group get together and stand for something so important, this really can have an impact, be a force of change, and a chance to raise awareness and highlight useful resources.

To give an idea of how many people there are getting involved in Slow Fashion Season, last year saw over 10,000 people sign up. In 2020, the goal is to have over 25,000 people.

If crowdaction sounds like the perfect motivation to start making more conscious fashion choices, then Crowdaction Slow Fashion Season 2020 is the place to go and sign up.

Ideas for Slow Fashion Season

Slow Fashion Season focuses on highlighting the devastating environmental and ethical effects of the fashion industry. We need to call out these brands and bring more transparency to the industry. However, we also need to consider how our actions as consumers play a role and how we can improve that.

CollAction has suggested the following steps to take during Slow Fashion Season:

  • Avoid buying anything new
  • Trading, upcycle or DIY clothing,
  • Buying second-hand and vintage
  • Supporting sustainable, local, small fashion labels who may be struggling due to COVID-19

The overall concept is to not buy any new clothes, but instead appreciate what you already have, give extra life to clothes through secondhand shopping or upcycling your existing clothing. If you do buy new, support independent, sustainable brands who have felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Is 2020 easier than ever to be fashion conscious?

In 2020, there is more information and awareness than ever before about the impact of the fashion industry, therefore it is easier than ever to start building your sustainable wardrobe.

What’s more, with staying at home due to the pandemic, we have the time to truly appreciate the clothes we already own, what clothes we actually wear and the styles we love, so that we can be more conscious in our fashion choices.