Siteground to Lyrical Host: Why I switched blog hosts

When I went self-hosted on my blog, I first chose Siteground. People had recommended that it was a good hosting company to start with because of the offers during your first year. Following a year of understanding all that self-hosting entails though, I decided to change from Siteground to Lyrical Host.

Switching blog hosts is not a quick decision to make. I recommend doing your research beforehand. Nevertheless, it was the right decision for me, despite the fact there were a few hiccups along the way.

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Why did I switch from Siteground to Lyrical Host?

I didn’t leave Siteground because they were bad hosts. I never had any major technical issues with them and the customer service was fine.

Something that people had mentioned though was the increase in price after the first year. Siteground have a great offer if you are new to self-hosting and that’s why I chose them originally.

However, when I checked my fee for the next year, there was a price increase of about £150! As a student, there was no way I could afford to stay with Siteground, so I looked elsewhere.

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Why I chose Lyrical Host

I chose Lyrical Host because most bloggers I spoke to recommended them and told me how great the customer service was.

As I researched them more, I found out that the prices stay the same each year unlike Siteground. I also liked the fact that they plant a tree on your hosting anniversary, which helps the environment.

The actual switching blog hosts part was included in the price of the hosting plan, so I didn’t have to worry about the transferral.

I have since discovered a few extra perks such as monthly emails containing blogging tips and free stock photos (used in the images in this post).

Transfer process

The main transfer was very smooth. I booked a slot and Lyrical Host did all the work, letting me know when it was finished.

However, I did run into some issues. In fairness, I didn’t choose the best time for my transfer, as I then went camping for a week straight afterwards and wasn’t able to check if everything worked properly.

When I got back from holiday and did my first blog post, some people were able to see it and some not!

All the servers had switched to Lyrical Host and everything was working on the hosting end.

The customer service team at Lyrical Host were amazing though and we spent a whole day looking at possibilities why my posts weren’t showing up.

It turned out that I was still seeing the old Siteground version of my WordPress dashboard and all I needed to do was edit the hosts file on my laptop! I haven’t had any further issues since.

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