Sassy Planner 2019/20 Academic Planner Review

Despite the fact that I use my bullet journal for planning, I also like to use it for mindfulness. If I’m feeling stressed, I like to go and practice brush lettering or just doodle. It’s a creative hobby for me, therefore I don’t tend to use it for work-related bits and bobs. What’s more, I like to take my time over my bullet journal and keep it as a more artistic outlet, rather than being full of university dates and deadlines. As a result, I prefer keeping a normal planner too, where the necessary setup is already in place and I quickly jot down any key information. I wouldn’t usually get a new academic diary until the start of September, but as my university accommodation rent starts in July and I have some dissertation work to do over the summer, I’m planning on moving back to Leeds earlier this year, so have been on the lookout for a good 2019-20 planner. It is difficult finding a diary that starts in July, but then I stumbled across the Sassy Planner Co and my problems were solved. The lovely Andrea kindly gifted me my planner, but I’ll tell you know it’s worth the money and

This post contains gifted items. For more details, see my disclaimer.

Why You Need to Buy a Sassy Planner

Beautiful Designs

Before we get into the functional stuff, let’s appreciate the beautiful designs available. I had such a hard time choosing my design as they are all stunning and easily some of the most visually appealing planners I’ve found (this is coming from a stationery addict who could quite happily live in Paperchase or Homesense). I eventually settled on this gorgeous pastel floral cover. If you love pastel colours, then you’ll love all the designs.

The pencil came too!

Each month then has a different paper design, which are all so pretty, but help you navigate to different months easily too.

Ticks All the Boxes

Now we’ve gushed over the appearance, let’s look at the actual planner aspect.

The planner is spiral bound, which I actually prefer. I had a hardback diary last year at university, and by the end of the year, the pages had detached from the spine completely and it was a mess. I use my planner A LOT at university and the constant opening and closing was bending the spine and damaging it. Spiral bound notebooks are therefore more suitable and it’s easier to focus on one page at a time.

2 different calendar views for 2019 and 2020

In terms of planning, there’s all the necessary pages you could want. There’s a 2019 and 2020 calendar, and then 2 more calendar pages for key dates. For each month, there’s an overview page where you can write key dates, and a notes page at the end of each month. For the weekly spreads, there’s lots of space for each day, as well as a small notes and important things to do section.

Important dates section

If you’re struggling with note space, there’s also some spare sheets at the back of the planner.

The actual paper itself is also really good quality. I’ve tested ink pens and there’s only a tiny amount of ghosting and biros there was nothing.

Personalised to You

If all that wasn’t enough, Andrea personalises the planners for you. Instead of the year on the front, you get request your name instead and choose whether or not to have a band added. As I’m likely moving back to university over the summer, I wanted July to be included and Andrea did that for me and it wasn’t an issue.

Every month has a calendar overview

Supporting Independent Businesses

I love supporting independent businesses such as Sassy Planner. What’s more, as a small business, you know who is making your product and where it is coming from. As Sassy Planner Co is in England, I know my planner has not been shipped from halfway across the world, therefore there’s a smaller carbon footprint.

A weekly spread

If you love stationery as much as I do and love the look of the planners, then check out Sassy Planner online: