How to Deal with a Sudden Diagnosis

Knowing how to deal with a sudden diagnosis can be tough.

Getting diagnosed with Crohn’s in March was such a shock. I hadn’t had any symptoms before and the doctors thought I was having an appendicitis because of how quickly everything happened.

Likewise, when I was 13, I went in for a routine MRI scan to double check a shoulder problem, and found out that I had hydrocephalus caused by a blocked tube in my brain.

While I am very lucky with my conditions in that so far everything is stable and I can go about my day-to-day life, finding out about both has impacted my life greatly and the unknown aspect has affected my anxiety.

With Crohn’s, I was determined not to let it affect my anxiety as I had been through enough mental health struggles over the hydrocephalus. I have been able to deal with the process in a better way now that I am older.

For those of you who are in the same boat and have just heard about an unexpected medical condition such as a chronic illness that you didn’t have a clue about before, here’s some tips about how to deal with a sudden diagnosis that I have learnt along the way, so hopefully we can all find the process a little easier.

Remember you are not alone

An initial thought that can run through your head is that you are the only one going through your situation and that it is lonely. This could not be further from the truth.

Talk to someone

If you have any worries, talk to someone. A family member, friend or anyone who you feel comfortable talking to.

Seek advice from a charity

It can sometimes be difficult to open up to family or friends who don’t have experience of your condition. At the same time though, going to the doctor every time you have a question can be stressful too.

Charities are a great source of help as they have useful information about your condition. It might be that there are local support groups that you can get in touch with and meet people who have experienced similar things to you and can relate to you.

The Crohn’s and Colitis UK charity is great for this.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

It’s important to look after yourself no matter what. Maintain a good, balanced diet, exercise, get fresh air, practise self-care. Do whatever you can to stay as healthy as possible.

Try not to look up your symptoms/condition

This is just a personal one of mine and I know people feel differently about this. The couple of times that I have googled something about my medical conditions, I have come away far more stressed. People’s experiences are different and you often find the most extreme cases online.

If you have anything that is causing concern, seek advice from your doctor first.


I didn’t have my blog when I was 13, but the Crohn’s diagnosis has been so much better thanks to blogging. I’ve found people who have been through similar experiences. Just writing about how you’re feeling can help.

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I hope these suggestions help you in your journey and help you know how to deal with a sudden diagnosis. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, my inbox is always open over at [email protected]