Friends Themed Bullet Journal Setup

We are all thinking the same. March 2020 has gone on for an eternity. It’s hard to remember a month that wasn’t March. If we cast our minds back to the beginning of the month though, you may recall me wanting to do a bullet journal layout based on a certain favourite TV show of mine. Yes, that’s right. April 2020 is the month of the Friends themed bullet journal setup.

We need all the positivity we can get right now, even in the smallest ways. Friends definitely makes me happy and it’s lovely to have that feeling when I open my journal.

If you are a seasoned bullet journaler, then grab your journal. If not, find a spare notebook or piece of paper, and join me in some Friends planning and doodling!

You do not need any specific type of pen for this spread. Just a black pen, and a few bright colours.

Title Page

Of course I had to draw the iconic Central Perk sofa! I also felt it was relatable to the situation this month as no doubt we are spending many an hour on our sofas.

I was torn whether to add more decorative detail, but I like the simplicity and the main feature being the Friends-style April lettering. Plus, the design gets a lot bolder further into the spread.


The calendar didn’t go quite to plan, but I decided to stick with it. I think I used the wrong shade of blue which made it look less Friends-like. With a few iconic quotes though, it still does the job.

Plus, I don’t see April as being a month full of events, but if you want to do a Friends themed bullet journal setup in future months, then hopefully this will provide some inspiration.


I have so many Friends quotes which I love and have tried to include across April’s setup. For my designated ‘quote page’ though, it had to be ‘I’ll be there for you”.

The picture frame from Monica’s apartment front door made for the perfect border too!

Habit Tracker

When you are on lockdown, you can end up spending a lot of time in front of the TV and not achieving much. While I don’t usually create a proper habit tracker, April needs on for sure. The Central Perk logo and colour palette worked well for this.

Blog Ideas

I’m not setting any particular blog or social media goals in April as I am just enjoying the chilled back nature of social media at the moment. I am still writing blog posts though, so my blog ideas page remains a key part of my monthly spread. Another chance to get an famous Friends picture in there, which in this case, was the whole of Monica’s purple door.

Weekly Spreads

In addition to the habit tracker, I am also returning to weekly spreads to set my goals and tasks for each day. Each week features a different Friends-related drawing and series of quotes.

The Last Page

The last page of April’s setup is just a fun series of Friends quotes that are personal favourites of mine and never cease to bring a smile to my face. What are your favourite Friends moments?

I hope you enjoyed April’s Friends themed bullet journal setup. Have you been inspired to get creative recently?