Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

When I’m not posting new content on my blog, it may be because I’m doing some freelance writing.


Since October 2016, I had a freelance writing job with a digital marketing company in Leeds. To find out more about this particular work and to read my work, don’t hesitate to contact me and enquire.

My writing has stretched even further to some of my university’s publications. Feel free to peruse my articles in the list below.


Stories of Leeds

MasterChef Semi-Finalist Liz Cottam Interview

Sphera Jewellery

The Gryphon:

Agony aunt: alcohol and peer pressure at university

#GoYellow for Shine 

The Power of Now

Are we still friends with ‘Friends’?

Agony aunt: giving a presentation

Blogging as a full time career: the great debate

Happy and sad: depression behind closed doors

Muddy Stilettos Leicestershire: 

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