24 Hours in Dublin

Hey everyone! In light of my many many Instagram posts about Dublin, it is now time for the blog post. On Wednesday night, my family and I flew to Dublin for a whirlwind 24 hour trip, because why not? It's a city that none of us had been to before, and I wanted to fly … Continue reading 24 Hours in Dublin


Visiting Ickworth House

My final Suffolk-related post is here! In keeping with the National Trust theme that seems to have emerged, we will be finishing off this little trilogy series with Ickworth House, an impressive stately home just south of Bury St Edmunds, so again, it was another great place to break up the car journey. Ickworth is … Continue reading Visiting Ickworth House

Visiting Suffolk

Here it is, post 2/3 of my Visiting... series from this weekend. After posting about Anglesey Abbey yesterday, it is time to get onto the main event, which is, of course, Suffolk. After leaving Anglesey Abbey, we drove to the coast on the tourist route, which takes you through all the pretty villages and countryside that … Continue reading Visiting Suffolk

All about #BlogConLDN

Yeah, you've probably already guessed it. Here is my #BlogConLDN post! As explained in my YouTube video (yes, I've done a video), this blog post is about the event itself, and you can see my haul of all the goodies I managed to collect on my video which I will post. I cannot even remember … Continue reading All about #BlogConLDN

Visiting the Cotswolds

As you may have seen from my Twitter or Instagram, yesterday we went to the Cotswolds, so here is my post as promised. Whilst the weather was not at its best, cloudy with some rain, probably left over from Storm Doris, making photography go completely out the window, it was still a really nice trip … Continue reading Visiting the Cotswolds

Visiting York

Yesterday, I decided to take a trip to York to do something different and refreshing after a heavy week of university work. The last time I visited the city was a good 8 years ago (how long??) on a trip with my primary school, so it was lovely to go back and really appreciate all … Continue reading Visiting York

CLC World Free Competition – Win £25 Worth of Vouchers to Spend at the Bullring in Birmingham

It's that time of year when it is cold and icy, when we no doubt dream of jetting off somewhere warm and sunny. CLC World  offer fabulous holidays in sunny Spain and Tenerife, just to name a couple! Of course, if you are someone like me, Christmas is also a time for cosying up in front … Continue reading CLC World Free Competition – Win £25 Worth of Vouchers to Spend at the Bullring in Birmingham

A Day in London

Hey everyone! Pleased to say I can now write this post after finishing two assignments. On Saturday, I went to London to see Les Miserables!! After watching the film, I had been desperate to see it on stage, so for my 18th birthday, my parents got me tickets. My family were quite late in discovering … Continue reading A Day in London