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    University Packing – What You Really Need

    I stress about packing big time. I never know what, or how much, stuff to take. University was a nightmare (packing wise), and after realising that I brought way too much with me in 1st year, I tried to cut back in 2nd year. I still overdid it, but the amount wasn’t quite so ridiculous, and I have now learnt what I really need. Freshers, if you’re worrying about what to take, here’s some university packing advice to get you started. University Packing Clothes An important one. You don’t need your entire wardrobe. Think seasons. There’s no point taking summer dresses and shorts when you’re about to start the Autumn/Winter…

  • How to Avoid Alcohol at University
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    How to Avoid Alcohol at University

    Gosh, how many times I changed my mind on this post’s title. Previous ideas included ‘How to Survive at Uni and not Drink Alcohol’ and ‘How to Avoid Alcohol at University and Have Fun’ but they seemed too long. Anyway, enough of me rambling, I hope it’s clear what the post will be about. You know I’m not an alcohol fan, so let’s cut to the chase. It’s the time of year when many new students are gearing up to go uni. There’ll no doubt be nerves about the experience. One of my main worries regarding university was coping with the drinking culture when I didn’t drink. I soon discovered…

  • Student Money Saving Tips

    Student Money Saving Tips | University

    As it was results day, I’m sure that soon-to-be university students are gearing up for the move. Oh, how I miss those IKEA trips. Whilst heading towards a new stage in life is exciting, there’s always a recurring worry about student life. Money. Being a student comes with its financial woes. With that in mind, here are my student money saving tips, so you focus on enjoying the uni experience, rather than stressing about your bank account. Student Money Saving Tips Student Discounts If you’re not doing this already, then start now. Student discounts are brilliant. Even if it’s just 10%, every penny counts. The best student discount provider in…

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    5 Things I Have Learnt from 2nd Year

    If there’s something that I noticed more than anything during my 2nd year at uni, it is how different it was compared to my 1st year. Bearing that in mind, I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks based on my experience, that could help you during your student life. Halls is not a bad idea The standard process regarding accommodation at uni means that you spend your 1st year in halls of residence, as this is a great way to meet people and become part of the student community. Whilst most people then choose to move into private housing in 2nd year, I decided to go back into…

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    May 2018 Favourites

    I’m not typically one for the whole monthly favourites posts, mainly because I see so many out there already, and so why not do something different? Nevertheless, this month I have noticed myself using a few things quite often and decided I wanted to share.  e.l.f Tea Rose Matte Lip Colour Whilst I love the longevity of matte liquid lipsticks, I always the colours are way too strong for my complexion. However, my first e.l.f purchase has proved to be a success. The Tea Rose Matte Lip Colour is more subtle, ideal for everyday wear, and is just as long lasting. The pen style applicator also makes the product really…

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    An Afternoon in the Kitchen #3: Simple Student Bolognese

    Bolognese is the first proper meal that I decided to cook as a student, most of my previous food either being an easy option from the freezer or free food during Freshers’ (I’m not complaining!) Bolognese is such an simple to dish to cook, and is brilliant for stocking up the freezer to make cooking after a day of lectures far less daunting. As you can see from the photo, I managed to stretch to four portions out of not a great deal of food! Ingredients: 500g beef mince (you can use alternatives such as pork and turkey but beef is cheaper) 1 red onion 1 carrot 500g passata A good handful of spinach Seasoning…

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    A few things that I’ve done in Leeds

    Wow it feels like an age since I last blogged. I guess moving to university, getting used to a new city and meeting new people kind of takes it out of you! I can’t believe I’ve been in Leeds for nearly a week, it is so surreal. One minute you are applying to uni, next minute you are there! At the moment things have been going well. I have met some great people and am finally getting my head round walking to campus and working out how to use the online portal. Hopefully as I start my course and settle into life here, I will soon get back to my…

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    My Student Food Survival Guide

    As I am off to university on Saturday, I have been giving a lot of thought as to how I will manage as a self-catered student. It seems to me that most people in this situation end up relying on takeaway pizzas and Pot Noodle. However, this is both unhealthy and ends up being more expensive. Alors, here are a few of my suggestions to make the most out of a self-catered lifestyle: Opt for healthier options (e.g. the fruit and veg aisle) as this is cheaper than the sugar or ready-meal alternative. Cook in large batches. Cheap and you can freeze portions to make cooking dinner after a long…