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    Kirkstall Abbey Food Market

    Hello again! Let’s shuffle backwards a couple of days to Sunday, before the grey clouds and rain here in Leeds had kicked in. Being my last day of freedom before lectures officially started, I wanted to do something enjoyable and interesting, but also relaxing at the same time. I had previously noticed that Kirkstall Abbey had a food market on the weekend and that entry was free, so I decided to hop on the bus up the Kirkstall Road and visit the abbey. When I arrived, I knew I had made the right choice. The abbey is set in a beautiful park next to the river, and across the road is…

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    My Student Food Survival Guide

    As I am off to university on Saturday, I have been giving a lot of thought as to how I will manage as a self-catered student. It seems to me that most people in this situation end up relying on takeaway pizzas and Pot Noodle. However, this is both unhealthy and ends up being more expensive. Alors, here are a few of my suggestions to make the most out of a self-catered lifestyle: Opt for healthier options (e.g. the fruit and veg aisle) as this is cheaper than the sugar or ready-meal alternative. Cook in large batches. Cheap and you can freeze portions to make cooking dinner after a long…

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    An Afternoon in the Kitchen #2: Blackberry and Lemon Cupcakes

    On a little walk to relieve ourselves from the craziness of having a new boiler fitted and radiators cleaned, Mum and I came across a whole stash of blackberries in our village, which no one had yet taken the delight of picking. Armed with a plastic bag, we managed to gather a veritable collection of blackberries, the perfect opportunity for some baking to take place. The lemon idea came from Cake Week in the Bake Off tent, when they made the drizzle cakes and mirror glazes. Plus, lemon and blackberry are great combination of flavours. Ingredients: Blackberries! 100g self-raising flour 100g caster sugar 100g margarine 2 eggs For the glaze:…

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    Restaurant Review: Sapori Italian Restaurant and Bar

    On Thursday night, it felt obligatory to have a post exam results celebration. My family and I decided to visit Sapori, a beautiful Italian restaurant hidden away in Anstey. We went there a few years ago and from what I can remember, they have completely refurbished the inside, with relaxing neutral tones throughout. The waiting staff were very attentive and took our drinks order straight away. There was a wide range of cocktails on offer and you could also create your own ‘mocktail’ if you are not a fan of alcohol, like me. However, on this occasion, I decided to go for cranberry juice with lime. I am more of…

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    An Afternoon in the Kitchen: Homemade Fruit Compote

    This compote is the perfect quick and easy treat on a summer’s afternoon, or can be ‘jazzed up with good presentation and adding ice-cream (like I did!) for a dinner party with family and friends. You can use any fruit really, but I decided to use apples, sultanas, blackberries and some orange juice, because that is what I had lying around the house and in the garden. All you need to do is chop the fruit into reasonably small chunks if they aren’t already and put them into a big pan. When cooking, stir occasionally, making sure nothing sticks to the pan. This will also let the flavours and colours…

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    Bon Appetit!

    Moving onto round 3 of my French posts. I could not go to France and not mention the cuisine. France is one of the culinary hotspots of the world, with Michelin origins and the Cordon Bleu. Now, me being a teenager means that I tend to steer towards the more trivial aspects of eating and drinking abroad, opting for the tourist choices of food. But, hey, I still will share some of the food and drink moments that impressed me. First of all, you have to love European countries outside of the UK for selling Orangina. The little child within me got ridiculously excited at the prospect of enjoying this…

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    Raspberry Ice Cream loaf

    When it was the day of Andy Murray’s heroic Wimbledon win, I was down at my auntie’s for a family gathering. One of the desserts my cousin made was really delicious that I just had to have it!! This raspberry ice cream dish is so easy to make, so I thought I’d post a pic of the recipe for you. You can also see my attempt. It tastes great, but I’m too scared to take it out the tin in case it melts everywhere, so mine is just a raspberry explosion!! Megan X (Sorry this is sideways!!)

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    Raspberry and Chocolate Chip cake

    I previously blogged this recipe on charliiandmeg a while back, but have decided that I should give the recipe to everyone who is currently following me. I invented this cake a long time ago due to a) my love of cake b) the AMAZING combination that is chocolate and raspberries and c) the experimental cook with me. This particular cake proved to be a success and it is a bake that I have produced quite a few times over the years. The mix of chocolate and raspberries is perfection in my eyes. The sweetness of the raspberries complement the bitterness of dark chocolate, managing to keep the sponge moist simultaneously. So, here…

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    Review: The Griffin Inn, Swithland

    I visited this lovely pub and restaurant in rural Leicestershire yesterday as an early Father’s Day outing. It was relatively quiet when we got there, which was surprising as it was a Saturday lunchtime in a popular walking district. We had gone before to the Griffin, without booking, and had to sit near the bar as it was so popular. However, on this occasion, we booked in advance. And I’m glad we did. Our table was in this beautiful dining room, with only a few tables so it wouldn’t get too busy. There was a magnificent fireplace and a mezzanine level holding lots of wine bottles. It was very impressive!…

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    The Classic Victoria Sandwich

    Cake, what a great way to start my foodie posts! The reason for making a Victoria sponge today is that I have American relatives coming to stay. So, nothing better than a traditional British cake to represent our culture. Sorry about the old fashioned measurements. I got the recipe from my mum who got it from her mum! Ingredients: For cake: 6oz  caster sugar 6oz butter/margarine 6oz self-raising flour 3 eggs Vanilla Essence (optional) Raspberry jam For buttercream: Now I never use an exact recipe for buttercream. I just add butter, icing sugar and a splash of milk until I get the amount and consistency that I want. Method: Preheat…