Resurfacing After Almost a Month!

Hello everyone! I thought I’d give you a little update as to what is happening, as I am aware that I have not done a blog post in over 20 days and haven’t been active on social media until posting on Instagram a couple of days ago. A lot of us have experienced the pressures … Continue reading Resurfacing After Almost a Month!


If We Were Having Tea…

I think an interesting type of post to read at the moment is one of those ones entitled 'If We Were Having Coffee'. I love getting to know bloggers more and they are a brilliant way of writing totally random things that wouldn't always fit into your blog categories. It is for these reasons that … Continue reading If We Were Having Tea…

The Blue Sky Tag

I've never done The Blue Sky Tag award before, but it looks so fun, so thank you to Anna from Diversion3000 for nominating me! Rules: Answer 11 questions given to you Tag 11 people Give 11 questions Anna has set some brilliant questions, so here goes: What’s the last dessert you’ve eaten? Chocolate Brownie, my … Continue reading The Blue Sky Tag

All about #BlogConLDN

Yeah, you've probably already guessed it. Here is my #BlogConLDN post! As explained in my YouTube video (yes, I've done a video), this blog post is about the event itself, and you can see my haul of all the goodies I managed to collect on my video which I will post. I cannot even remember … Continue reading All about #BlogConLDN

Blogger Recognition Award

Happy Pancake Day everyone! If you are not enjoying pancakes today for whatever reason, do try to treat yourself to something special. That could be some other sweet treat, or simply a night off. I want to say a huge thank you to Lady Law Student for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. It's the … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

The Post Valentine’s Day Cleanse

In the wake of Valentine's Day yesterday and after reading countless numbers of pro Valentine's blog posts, I have decided to go for a slightly different angle and tell you my real opinion of Valentine's Day. I understand couples wanting to celebrate an anniversary of some sort as it marks a milestone in the relationship … Continue reading The Post Valentine’s Day Cleanse

The Importance of Relaxation

Hello everyone! I'm back blogging now after what has been a stressful week or two. I will not bore you as to why this was, so let's get into the post. Although stressful times are hard, they can be made a lot easier if you take the time to relax. Of course, anyone with something … Continue reading The Importance of Relaxation

How to Be a Student and a Blogger

Hello again! I have decided that I quite like writing 'how to' posts, so here is another one, and what better subject matter to focus on than being a student and a blogger. Even just being back at university for a few days, I have barely had time to blog, yet alone keep up-to-date with … Continue reading How to Be a Student and a Blogger