My Winter Favourites

Apologies for blogging being so messed up as we approach Christmas. Schedules have gone out the window in favour of random blogging when I can. I have never done a 'favourites' post before, so thought I would get this one in before Christmas. L'Oreal Paris Ultra Precision Eyeliner Although I only got this eyeliner yesterday, … Continue reading My Winter Favourites


Christmas Decorations

Hello everybody! I am not calling this a Blogmas post, as I have decided to do Vlogmas instead. However, it is that time of year when we are getting festive and going all out on the decorations. This year in my house though, I feel that it is noticeably more subtle. Of course, we have … Continue reading Christmas Decorations

Claude & Co

To visit the website click here: (I don't usually blog about baby shopping, but I couldn't resist this!) If you know anyone who has just had a baby, buying a gift can be hard. Everyone always buys the same sort of thing, whether it is clothing or books. People wait until the baby is born … Continue reading Claude & Co

Pebble pictures

Greetings from a rainy day! Yes, the weather is terrible here, so to distract from a) the miserable rain and b) a terrible dentist appointment this morning, I will share with you a little gem that my mum and I have come across. Earlier in the summer, we visited the Foxton Locks Festival, in which … Continue reading Pebble pictures