Restaurant Review: Le Mistral, Nottingham

Bonjour mes amis! Here is my review of Le Mistral, a lovely little French restaurant in the heart of Nottingham, with two other branches in Derbyshire and Sherwood. Since blogging, I have started to become more adventurous about where I go to eat, intrigued by quirky independent restaurants as opposed to nationwide chains such as … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Le Mistral, Nottingham


Visit: Breton towns

I have been saving some post ideas recently, especially the remaining ones about France, but I thought I would write the last one, covering the towns in Brittany that we visited over the course of the second week. Brittany is full of delightful, quaint towns that can fill a whole day just wandering around all … Continue reading Visit: Breton towns

Visit: Grottes Marines de Morgat

Moving forward to the second week in Brittany. It is not everyday that you get to go on a boat trip around some sea caves, so this is definitely a moment that needs sharing. The weather wasn't the best, so we took the boat trip with a voice commentary instead of kayaking like my dad … Continue reading Visit: Grottes Marines de Morgat

Visit: Noirmoutier-en-l’île

Whilst reviewing my week in the Vendee, one of the trips that stands out the most (aside from Puy du Fou!) was Noirmoutier-en-ile. Set on the stunning Noirmoutier island, the town itself, is a tantalising treat for tourists and locals alike, with gourmet restaurants, boulangeries and ice-cream parlours. I enjoyed a delicious raspberry sorbet and … Continue reading Visit: Noirmoutier-en-l’île

Choses et Autres, Locronan

Bonjour mes amis! Returning home to Leicester after two weeks in France has been hard, but at least I can share some more stories with you. The second week of my travels were spent in the Finistere region of Brittany, which made for a great contrast to the Vendee. Brittany is much greener and hillier, … Continue reading Choses et Autres, Locronan