Restaurant Review: Le Mistral, Nottingham

Bonjour mes amis! Here is my review of Le Mistral, a lovely little French restaurant in the heart of Nottingham, with two other branches in Derbyshire and Sherwood. Since blogging, I have started to become more adventurous about where I go to eat, intrigued by quirky independent restaurants as opposed to nationwide chains such as … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Le Mistral, Nottingham


Visit: Breton towns

I have been saving some post ideas recently, especially the remaining ones about France, but I thought I would write the last one, covering the towns in Brittany that we visited over the course of the second week. Brittany is full of delightful, quaint towns that can fill a whole day just wandering around all … Continue reading Visit: Breton towns

Visit: Grottes Marines de Morgat

Moving forward to the second week in Brittany. It is not everyday that you get to go on a boat trip around some sea caves, so this is definitely a moment that needs sharing. The weather wasn't the best, so we took the boat trip with a voice commentary instead of kayaking like my dad … Continue reading Visit: Grottes Marines de Morgat

Visit: Noirmoutier-en-l’île

Whilst reviewing my week in the Vendee, one of the trips that stands out the most (aside from Puy du Fou!) was Noirmoutier-en-ile. Set on the stunning Noirmoutier island, the town itself, is a tantalising treat for tourists and locals alike, with gourmet restaurants, boulangeries and ice-cream parlours. I enjoyed a delicious raspberry sorbet and … Continue reading Visit: Noirmoutier-en-l’île

Choses et Autres, Locronan

Bonjour mes amis! Returning home to Leicester after two weeks in France has been hard, but at least I can share some more stories with you. The second week of my travels were spent in the Finistere region of Brittany, which made for a great contrast to the Vendee. Brittany is much greener and hillier, … Continue reading Choses et Autres, Locronan

Pandora Eiffel Tower Pendant Charm

Decided to go for jewellery this time! Pandora has been so popular these past few years, so I couldn't resist this beauty of a charm, both French and fashionable! I went to a Pandora party when I was younger, and it was really fun getting to choose how to design your bracelet. At the time, … Continue reading Pandora Eiffel Tower Pendant Charm

My French Collection

Making a change to my Shopstyle posts! As I am going to France soon, I thought that I would post my own French themed outfit. Remember, you can still click on any of the items that you like to buy them! HOTSQUASH PARIS BRETON BATEAU DRESS JACK WILLS SCHOOLBOY STRIPED BLAZER BUFFALO 312703 HIGH-HEELED OPEN … Continue reading My French Collection

Graham & Brown Parisian Street Printed Canvas by Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown Parisian Street Printed Canvas by Graham & Brown Source: Graham & Brown Parisian Street Printed Canvas by Graham & Brown This black and white watercolour, on the other hand, can be an optical illusion at times. I first thought it was a photograph! This would work fabulously in a minimalist city pad … Continue reading Graham & Brown Parisian Street Printed Canvas by Graham & Brown