Cup of Tea and a Chat

Flippin’ heck this cold/flu thing has been annoying. It’s only really started to get better over the weekend and I still don’t feel 100%. Nevertheless, I am feeling the need to blog today.

As Monday is a scary thought for most of us, I thought I’d sit down with a cup of tea, have a chat with you and give us all a moment of calm in the chaos of a Monday morning.

I originally was going to do a review of Leeds RAG Fashion Show, which I went to on Thursday night, but I’m afraid to say that I was a bit disappointed, especially as everyone always raves about it. It was my first fashion show, so I was excited. Unfortunately, the experience fell flat, and my friends and I actually left during the interval. That said, I’m of course not against any of the money paid for tickets going to charity, as this year the money was donated to Dementia UK and Leeds Mind, both worthy causes and they support mental health awareness, something which is not talked about enough.

The theme of the fashion show was TIMELESS, all about the stages of life including birth, war, peace, and death. Whilst this was a clever idea, the show for me just didn’t have any impact. I will admit that we paid for standard tickets, so we were never going to be right at the front, but the seating was at the back of the room. We could barely see anything and ended up standing for the most part.

You always expect fashion shows to have wacky and wonderful creations that bring something new to the fashion world. The outfits on display were certainly not that, and whilst I understand there was a limited budget, instead of having lots of outfits that were pretty normal at the end of the day, I think it would have been better to have fewer, but more ‘out there’ looks with deeper explanations of why those outfits were chosen and what significance each clothing item has.

Without that, you are just watching people walk up and down. I love my fashion, but really? Of course, it is so important to donate to charity, especially through a great organisation such as RAG, but is the fashion show worth it? I’m not convinced. Moaning over.

On a lighter note, lots of fun things have been going on in amongst the uni work.

On Friday night, my flatmates and I went on a ‘cocktail crawl’. Far better than a pub crawl, as it gives you an excuse to dress up and feel sophisticated for the night.

Next week brings more glamour with the Modern Languages Ball at uni, so I’ll be sharing all my outfit details when the time comes.

Last but certainly not least, I am going home this weekend. The workload is pretty heavy at the moment, so I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and enjoying a little R&R. What does this week hold for you?

Megan x


How to Survive with 5 Pairs of Shoes


Shoes by sk8geek, on Flickr
Shoes” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by sk8geek

For those of you who love your shoes and fashion and are looking at the title of this post thinking who is she, I will state for the record that I do own more than 5 pairs of shoes. However, a) it’s winter, so that rules out wearing any form of summer shoe and b) I can’t walk in heels, which overall does limit the number of shoes I wear around this time of year. Anyway, stop rambling Megan, back to the point.

On Monday morning, I was getting ready to go to my lecture and decided to wear my black patent brogues. I was just tying the lace when suddenly it snapped! This was when I realised that this pair of shoes was literally one of the only pairs I wear during winter, especially being in Leeds where it’s cold and icy.

I’m not a shoe-obsessed kind of person. I would much rather a few good quality pairs of shoes that are comfortable, which go with a lot of outfits. Plus, on a student budget, shoes are expensive! Cut a long story short, it turns out I have been living in 5 pairs of shoes this winter (6 if you count slippers) and it’s doable!

Here are the 5 shoes that have seen me through the winter so far:

  1. Black boots – A winter essential in my eyes! Comfy, warm and can go with most things. Leggings, jeans, tights. You name it, you can probably wear it with boots.
  2. Navy blue ankle boots – If you are like me, and have a mild obsession for navy blue clothing, then a pair of navy blue boots is needed! I prefer boots, rather than shoes in this case, because again, they are much warmer. I happened to find a pair of boots easy to slip on and off, so these also double up as my emergency night time fire alarm drill shoes. Yes, you read that correctly. I even leave them by my door each night just in case!
  3. Black patent brogues – Out of action this week until the shoelaces I ordered from Amazon arrive. It’s worth having something a little smarter and a tad more delicate, especially if you need to dress formally or are wearing a dress/skirt. The patent shine adds a special something too.
  4. Trainers – Gym essential and good to have for those busy days when you are rushing around and need something sturdy on your feet. Need I say more?
  5. Walking shoes – I barely ever wear these, so I guess you could say I only wear 4 pairs of shoes. Nevertheless, a useful pair to have if it snows and if you have a sudden urge to go hiking! (Doesn’t happen with me very often!)

There we have it. You only need 5 pairs of shoes to survive. What’s even better is that you save on space too! Great if you like things tidy like me!

Megan x

P.S. They aren’t my boots in the photo. I am in need of shoe polish, so let’s just say none of my shoes are photo worthy at the minute!

My Wedding Outfit

Aaargh! Sorry for the lack of blog posts everyone! I have a lot of university work and freelance work on at the moment, so blogging and all things social media has had to take a bit of a back seat. I will endeavor to get back to a schedule as soon as possible.

It was my cousin’s wedding on Saturday down in Canterbury and it was the first wedding I remember I had been to where I was not a bridesmaid. This meant I had more freedom with my choice of outfit, so it was great fun choosing what to wear and indeed wearing it!

I thought deciding what dress to wear would be hard as there are so many dresses in store at the moment. However, when I walked into the Next store in Trinity, Leeds, there was no question as to what dress I should get. When I saw the Grey Dipped Hem Floral Maxi Dress, there was no looking back. I had to get it. There was something so ‘Megan’ about it.

I loved the colours, hem line and the unusual structure of the back. Given the wedding was in April, the colours were safe for either really sunny weather or the risk of rain.


The pale pink flowers gave the perfect base from which to choose accessories. I already had the clutch bag and jewellery, so it was shoes and a jacket which were high up on the list.

The jacket proved to be an easy purchase. I had a voucher to spend at the Bullring in Birmingham, so I knew I had to limit myself to the shops in there. New Look was pretty much the first shop that I went into and I had the jacket sorted. With my student discount included, it was not too expensive, and it is something which I will definitely wear again.


I always knew shoes would be the hardest part of the outfit. As clumsy as I am, with the world’s most bizarre feet, 6 inch heels were out of the question. Finding a pair of small heels in pale pink without the clunky heel that seems to be in fashion is impossible though, so I started looking at flats and wedges. You also have the awkward issue of whether you buy a cheap pair of shoes just to last you one day, or a more expensive one that is comfy. I went for the comfy ones, which were a pair of pale pink wedges in M&S. If in doubt, M&S will always deliver. The sandals can also be worn again throughout the summer, so it was worth spending a bit more.

I hope I have given you some inspiration if you have a wedding coming up. Let me know what your outfit would be!

Megan x

All About Eyewear: Glasses vs Contacts

It has been a while since I have done a fashion post, although this is also crossing over the border into beauty, but I thought I would write about something I do not tend to read about, but that is a big part of my everyday life. The whole glasses and contact lenses dilemma.

I have been asked quite a few times over the years if I will ever wear contact lenses. Honestly, I have never felt the need to wear contact lenses, but that does not mean that I do not think about the pros and cons of both.

I have had glasses since I was around three, so glasses have always been a part of who I am. People are often shocked by how different I look when I take them off and I have got to a stage when I would find it weird not wearing them. I don’t even notice my glasses anymore. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I have panicked because I couldn’t find my glasses, only to realise I am wearing them!

For some people, glasses can have an effect on self-esteem and confidence. They may not like the way they look in glasses and opt to wear contacts all the time. I have never felt this way, partly because I think glasses suit my face, but also all my family wears glasses, so I have not had the issue of feeling like the odd one out, which a few people can feel.

This is where the fashion and beauty element comes in for me. Glasses tend to go in and out of fashion, usually the connotations associated with them a deciding role. Glasses at one point may have seemed ‘nerdy’ or ‘geeky’, but at the moment, they seem stylish and sophisticated, especially some of the bigger frames. I have fortunately never been affected by any negative views.

A major complaint I have heard about glasses is about makeup. If you are one who thinks wearing glasses means that there is no point wearing any eye makeup, then you are wrong. Just the other day, I was reading a section in Boots Health & Beauty magazine about how to do your makeup if you wear glasses. Recently, I have started trying out more makeup looks and eyeshadow has turned out to be one of my favourite products.

Having contacts can be useful if you like sport. Running around and playing whatever sport it is that you like can be annoying if you having to push up your glasses every five minutes. Definitely do not wear them for swimming though! One of the reasons I do not wear them is from hearing horror stories of contact lenses moving out of place or getting infected and swimming can cause this. It’s a good job I am not sporty!

However, using for them for sport does not mean you need to wear them full time. For one thing, if you get disposable contacts, it becomes very expensive, whereas a good pair of glasses has the potential to last you a few years unless your eyesight changes dramatically for some reason.

That’s another thing! Occasionally, your vision might not be ideal for contacts. I have never had a proper consultation for contact lenses, but my eyesight is not the best and I already have pay to have my glasses thinned out because otherwise the glass would be so thick! Not sure how this situation would work for contact lenses.

These are just some of my thoughts with regard to eyewear and what works best for you. Let me know what your opinion is on the whole glasses vs contacts debate!

Megan x

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LeOne Designers

It is not often that you find independent shops in the middle of a big commercial shopping centre. However, LeOne Designers in Highcross, Leicester has broken this tradition. Situated next to the likes of Mango and Karen Millen, LeOne is a prime example of handmade, high-end, couture fashion right on your doorstep. The shop also sells accessories such as jewellery, hats and scarves handcrafted by local designers, which is fantastic because you can support your community when you purchase anything.  The LeOne Designers was set up and is run by a fashion designer and a millinery & accessories designer. When you go into the shop, you are not just meeting any random sales assistants, but you are meeting the designers themselves, which is really unique.


Excuse my lack of makeup!

The company is just starting to put their products online at and I have been lucky enough to sample some of their fabulous clothing and provide you with a 15% discount code MELIFESTYLE15 to be used when you buy anything from LeOne’s online boutique. I will be posting regularly on my social media to show you how diverse the clothes and accessories are. You really can wear them for any occasion!

Black Leggings with Gold Elastic Waistband


I am wearing the leggings in Small Petite



These leggings are truly one of a kind. They are pure luxury and are limited edition, so if you think these take your fancy, I would certainly buy them now.

The legwear with the LE ONE branded brass tag is definitely worth every penny. Whilst a lot of clothing is made from cheaper fabric imported from elsewhere, the fabric used for the leggings is made right here in the UK in Nottingham and the leggings are designed in Leicester. The fully certified Supplex fabric used to make the leggings takes them to the next level. Cotton tends to lose its shape and fade over time, but Supplex gives you the same feel as cotton, whilst maintaining shape and colour, in addition to being breathable and quick-drying.

If the leggings do not already sound like a must-have wardrobe essential, do not forget that you get them in a variety of sizes to suit your legs, from small, medium to large. You can choose what length you want too, with petite, regular and tall (custom order waiting list) all an option.

If you are like me, cotton leggings can get annoying, especially when they become see through or they have massive seams running down the side. LeOne’s leggings, however, do not have these imperfections as the seam is on the inside.

To top it off, they are so comfortable, which is my absolute priority when buying new clothing!

Black and White Polka Dot Dress


I am wearing size 10

This gorgeous dress is designed by Ryte, one of the amazing inhouse designers of LeOne and made in Leicester, so you know where your purchase is coming from.

The sizes range from 8-14 in this dress, so is perfect no matter what your figure.

I love the monochrome tone as it has a real air of sophistication. My mind wanders off to Audrey Hepburn when I see this dress.

There is the added benefit of the non-crease fabric, which ideal is you are going on holiday or like me, are a student and hate ironing! Imagine, the elegance of Audrey Hepburn and the pleasure of no ironing. What a winning combination!

LeOne Earrings

These stunning earrings of the LeOne logo are exclusive to LeOne Designers’ Boutique. They are nickel free and the hook is gold plated, so your ears will be in good company!

I think they are great as either an everyday earring or for a special occasion. You can even match them with the logo on the leggings.

If you want to see of LeOne Designers find them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

In the meantime, use the discount code MELIFESTYLE15 and discover what LeOne has to offer.

Megan x






My Winter Favourites

Apologies for blogging being so messed up as we approach Christmas. Schedules have gone out the window in favour of random blogging when I can.


I have never done a ‘favourites’ post before, so thought I would get this one in before Christmas.

  1. L’Oreal Paris Ultra Precision Eyeliner


Although I only got this eyeliner yesterday, I have had my eye on it for a while. I wanted an eyeliner where the colour was strong, like a liquid eyeliner, but the application was in a pen style, as I find that easier to apply. This is the perfect combination and it did not disappoint when I used it.

2. Rimmel London Kate Moss Contour Kit


December has been a month of discovering new make up, especially the world of contouring. I love this Kate Moss palette by Rimmel as the shades match my skin tone, and depending what look you are after, you can apply as much or as little as you want.

3. Next Rouge Absolue Perfume


I love this perfume, which is delicately fragranced with red berries. However, it is not summery, but more festive, ideal for this time of year. Think cranberries and redcurrants!

4. Hoop Earrings


Believe it or not, I have never owned a pair of hoop earrings until now. With Christmas approaching and the excuse to dress up, bold statement earrings are essential for creating the ultimate party look.

5. Marble


I blame the blogging community for getting me obsessed with marble. My Pinterest is filled with various marble creations, and I home in on anything with a marble print in the shops.

6. Christmas of course!


How can anyone do a Winter Favourites post without including Christmas?! It is the best bit of the season! Family, food, presents, decorations and Christmas TV are all things to look forward to.

Megan x

Product review: Boutique of Molly

Excited about this project!

When Boutique of Molly (BOM) contacted me on Twitter about reviewing products, I snapped up the opportunity. It is always great to discover new brands and BOM is fantastic if you are a blogger, as they offer discounted prices for product reviews and then a free product if people buy from them off your link.

So, with no more waiting, here are my 3 products which I am reviewing:

  1. Leona Camisole


You may think, isn’t that for summer? Definitely not! This cami is perfect not matter what the season. Layered with a cardigan, this top will create a stylish, yet casual everyday outfit. Alternatively it would be perfect paired with a skirt and some glitzy jewellery for the ultimate girls’ night out.

I love how floaty the Leona cami is and the longer length on one side creates an ethereal look.

The subtle colours used in the abstract print makes this an unusual, and certainly stunning garment!

2. Brooke NYC Turn Up Sleeve T-Shirt


Want to know why I love this t-shirt, aside from the wicked print? It is so long! It seems to me that fashion at the moment is all about crop tops and bodycons, but for those of us who don’t have the body confidence, or just don’t like that style, I must say a huge thank you to BOM for this item. Especially as we are entering the colder months, I like to be able to stay warm and this is perfect for tucking in! May also make a very fashionable nightshirt?!

3. Moscow Purse



I’d been finding recently that my purse was bursting at the seams because I have a large of number of student cards, business cards etc. This Moscow purse is ideal for me as it stills fits in my relatively small handbags, but has a lot more space and sections to organise cards, cash etc.



Look at all those sections!!

The purse also comes with a detachable strap, therefore it is a brilliant companion on a night out when you don’t want to carrying around a massive handbag.

Thank you to Boutique of Molly for letting me do this product review. Hopefully the first of many more!

Megan x

P.S. Check out BOM’s social media sites!





Choses et Autres, Locronan

Bonjour mes amis!

Returning home to Leicester after two weeks in France has been hard, but at least I can share some more stories with you. The second week of my travels were spent in the Finistere region of Brittany, which made for a great contrast to the Vendee. Brittany is much greener and hillier, with picturesque towns and rocky cliffs, compared to the flat sandy beaches of the Vendee with cycle paths and salt marshes.

For me, one of the most delightful places was Locronan, a ‘Petite Cite de Caractere’ previously used as a filming location for Roman Polanski’s Tess.

Full of creperies, gift shops and biscuiteries, Locronan is a haven for tourists, as I found out. The best shop though by far was Choses et Autres.



The shop front


Set over three floors connected by a stunning wooden staircase, this shop is full of handmade Italian clothing and accessories, exquisite jewellery and antique furniture and homeware. I could have easily bought everything in this shop, but sadly I could not.


This photo I took just shows how crammed full this shop of fashion wonder.

Luckily though, I did manage to come away with a treat. This gorgeous navy blue lace waist belt. I could have had any colour I wanted, but as I wear a lot of navy blue, I had to buy it (and it also makes me feel very French when I wear it!)




Definitely worth a visit to Locronan and Choses et Autres!

Megan x