About Me



Wow I have changed my about page so many times I am losing count. Do I go for the very serious information side of things, such as how I organise my blogging, or do I go for something completely crazy and random?

Well, here goes.

I am an 18 year old blogger and occasional Youtuber, who has finally found her passion. I will try to post content as much as I can, so there should always be something new and interesting for you to feast your eyes on.

I will admit that this blog does not have a particular theme. I tend to write about anything and everything that interests me. Here are some topics that I do write about though: Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle.

You can find me on most corners of the web, so make sure to check out my Pinterest,Β Instagram,Β Twitter, Facebook,Β LinkedInΒ and Youtube.

Megan x