About Me

About Me

Hello everyone! About pages are tough, so surprise, surprise, I have changed mine numerous times.  Let’s delve in and see what I managed this time.

I’m Megan and I’m 20 years old. I’m a Linguistics and Phonetics student, who can be found at university in Leeds or at home in Leicester.

Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle started back in May 2016, as I wanted somewhere to satisfy my love of writing. I do the odd spot of freelancing, which I enjoy immensely, but it’s nice to write to my heart’s content, without having to imitate someone else’s writing style or content.

I market myself as a lifestyle blogger. This seems to be the only word that encompasses the wide variety of topics I write about. The reality of the situation is that my content could relate to fashion, beauty, food, travel, or indeed, lifestyle. More recently, I have ventured into other topics such as mental health, drawing from my own experiences, which I am loving!

When not blogging or doing university work, I am probably drinking tea somewhere, adding to my bullet journal, or daydreaming. Naturally, anything I include in my blog is also an indicator as to my likes and dislikes.

Megan x

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