A Reintroduction and Defining my Content

You may have noticed a few tweaks to the blog these past few days. A new about page (again), separate privacy policy and newsletter to be a bit more precise. I’ve been working behind the scenes to get the blog the best it can possibly be. Here’s a little reintroduction and what you can expect from now on.

Why the changes though?

I managed to nab a spot as a founding member of Grow & Glow (doors open again in August, a must-join) set up by the tremendously talented Vix Meldrew. Already, it has been such a huge help, and made me realise so much about my blog and overall branding.

It’s made me ask questions such as why I am writing my content, what topics I truly enjoy blogging about, are YOU gaining from my content etc.

With that in mind, I spent time looking at my blog, both my favourite posts and yours, as well as working out what it is I really stand for.

During this process, I noticed that I’d only written eco-friendly, health and wellbeing, blogging or creativity content. These are also the categories that I am passionate about and seem to do well among you, the lovely people reading this blog.

Other subjects like travel, food, beauty, university etc. have taken a backseat. When I have done food posts, they’ve been from a health point of view and when I’ve done fashion and beauty posts, they have been eco-friendly ones.

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So here goes…a little reintroduction. Same old me, same posts, just with a bit more understanding and clear vision.

What you can find on this blog and where:

From now on, you will be able to the find the following content on the blog (I mean this was the case anyway, but we may as well make it official):

  • Blogging
  • Creativity – bullet journals, stationery and the like.
  • Eco-Friendly – sustainable and ethical lifestyle tips
  • Health & Wellbeing – the home of all things mental health, self-care, healthy living and awareness posts
  • Lifestyle – I want to include more general lifestyle hacks, so these will be found here. You can now find my travel, university, food, fashion and beauty posts here too (at least the ones that aren’t related to any of the previously mentioned topics)

The goal?

To create a more positive life experience through blogging, creativity, sustainability, wellbeing and general lifestyle practices to make life simpler, happier and less stressful. The aim is to help both you and me make life a bit better in all aspects.

Have I changed?

Most definitely not! I’m still the same me that has a tendency to ramble, drink lots of tea, eat too much chocolate and rewatch Friends goodness knows how many times.

Fun fact: I actually did have a cup of tea after this photo was taken!