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  1. The planner looks fab, I love the design! I prefer spiral bound notebooks or planners generally too (though my journal this year actually isn’t, it’s more book like!) x

  2. I just went and checked their Etsy shop out and god I wish I had these when I was doing my A-Levels! Almost makes me sad that I’m not a Uni as I don’t have a huge purpose for one!:( My current general diary runs out late summer though so I might just have to invest – I love that it is spiral and it’s made in Chester!:) Thanks for sharing Megan!!

  3. I have a planner that I use all the time for my blog but it actually finishes this August so I’m definitely on the lookout for a new one and this planner is really cute! I’ll be checking it out, great post x

  4. I have been promising myself to start using a planner for a long time now. I somehow find myself still doing the digital calendar for tasks and notebooks for the rest, I need to commit to the idea more:) this looks like a fantastic option.

  5. oh my goodness this planner is beautiful! I definitely have far too many planners right now to use up, but when they’re used up I’ll deffo nab myself one of these! 😍 love how it’s personalised too, just perfect.

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