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  1. I’m a big fan of layers so don’t be surprised to see me in a summer dress in winter. I’ll just be wearing a long sleeve top under it, and probably jeans or black trousers with it too πŸ˜ƒ

  2. I think without thinking about it too much I sort of have a capsule wardrobe! I have no way near as many clothing items as some I know and I stay away from buying from Primark. Although I am a sucker for sports wear and I know (ethically wise) that can be just as bad. I really like this idea and you are inspiring me to be more environmentally friendly!!

    • Aw thank you! There’s more and more eco-friendly sports and swimwear brands emerging I’ve noticed. Using recycled plastic bottles to make the clothes is being done more I believe X

  3. Great tips for those looking to start a capsule wardrobe! I’ve always been someone who keeps clothes for a long time, I have clothes in my wardrobe that are probably closing in on eight years old but if they still fit and aren’t broken, I don’t see the problem! So I’m good in that sense but I do love a shopping spree; I’ve recently stopped doing that and am only asking for clothes for my birthday and Christmas that I really need!x

  4. Great post! I love the minimalistic lifestyle (including capsule wardrobe). One year ago I decided to donate a lot of my clothes and I haven’t bought anything new yet! It is also so much easier in the morning without thinking ‘what should I wear today?’


  5. I’ve been thinking about starting a capsule wardrobe for a while and this was so helpful! I especially loved the tip to take a look at your current wardrobe to understand what you like. My biggest hurdle is that I love color and have no idea how to create a capsule wardrobe where all of those colors will match with each other. Great post and good look with the new wardrobe!

    • Thank you so much! I’m no capsule wardrobe expert, but if you like colour, maybe choose more neutral ‘bottom-half’ clothes such as jeans and leggings. Then you could get colourful basic tops that go with all your trousers and style them with some accessories to create a new outfit X

  6. these are some great tips! I’ve always wanted to start a capsule wardrobe but its sooooo hard for me to cut down!

  7. I do not have a lot of space for my clothes and often find myself with things I never wear. Keeping a smaller wardrobe with a good range of versatile clothes sounds like the perfect solution! As for my favorite accessories, I love my scarves and jewelry.

  8. Capsule wardrobes sound like such a good idea and if I wore clothes other than to hospital trips, I think I’d start one. However, I live in PJs & nightshirts so yeah lol no need for one. πŸ˜€

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