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  1. This was such an interesting post, I’ve been on the lookout for some sustainable highstreet brands because others I’ve come across are out of my budget. Will definitely have a look in some of these shops. Who knew that Tesco would be one of them, go them!xx

      • Unfortunately most of these brands are as far from sustainable as you can get. Zara bring out huge quantities of new clothing everyweek – one of the top leaders of fast fashion. Same with h&m – yes they may have a sustainable section but that doesn’t erase all the other products they sell. They’re greenwashing! Supermarket brands aren’t particularly good either, M&S are a fair choice on the high street, the better option if you do need to buy high street clothing

        • Completely valid points! I was focusing on the particular clothing products rather than the entire brand. Hopefully that was clear. As I’m a student, it’s incredibly difficult to find sustainable fashion on a budget, and these products are just ideas if people wanted to own a sustainable clothing item that’s affordable. I would always try and buy a sustainable product from a brand if I can X

  2. Unfortunately none of these brands are remotely sustainable or eco-friendly. Their “conscious” or “eco” ranges are simply greenwashing to make customers continue to shop with them.

    • Completely hear you! I’m going to tweak this post slightly as I’m only focusing on the specific clothing items/collections, I did not intend it to sound the whole brands. It was designed to be for students like me or people with a small budget who struggle to afford most sustainable/ethical brands. Just a starting point if you wanted to own a more sustainable item of clothing on a budget. Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated!

  3. I an trying to buy more sustainable fashion pieces where I can so this post is very helpful! Sometimes it’s hard to find information about high street brands so it’s fab that this post has some information all in one place! X

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