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Do You Really Need a Niche?

Do you really need a niche? This question has been at the heart of the blogging community for a long time. I’ve seen various answers, and it’s taken me a while to truly know my opinion on the subject , but here goes.

To put it simply, I don’t think you do. I admire bloggers with and without a niche, several of whom have been successful either way.

If you have a niche, that’s great.

If you have found a niche that works for you, then that’s amazing. You have a topic to focus on and depending on how specific your subject is, then you know your readers will most likely share that same passion.

Why I don’t have a niche

I guess my niche, if I had to say, is lifestyle. I refer to myself as a lifestyle blogger, but then so do a lot of bloggers. I think it’s the only way to sum up my content, which can have a broad subject range.

Personally, I don’t think I could have a specific niche, as I like writing about so many things. I’d see it as limiting if I could only write about one thing.

At the same time, I know what topics I definitely don’t want to write about, and that is just as useful. My blog will never be the place to come to read about sport or cars. However, if creativity, blogging, travel and the various other bits and bobs that I ramble on about are up your street, then come aboard!

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I read for the blogger

When I’m reading blog posts, it’s not necessarily because I want to read something on a particular niche. It’s more because I have bloggers that I like, want to support and enjoy their writing style. If I need to find out about something, I’m more likely to google it, than spend time working my way through blogs (another reason why SEO is important).

From that point of view, I don’t mind what the niche is. I could be reading about mental health one minute and interior design the next.

No matter whether you have a niche or not, my absolute rule would be to make sure you are passionate about what it is that you’re writing. That’s what makes great content stand out for me.

What are your thoughts on niches? Do you think you need one?

Megan x

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  • Victoria Austin

    I’ve always found it too limiting sticking with just one or two subject areas, so like you I’ve categorised myself as a lifestyle blogger so I can blog about a variety of things – one minute I might share a recipe the next I’ll be posting about books or I’ll share a post full of photos of plants in the garden. I love reading both niche blogs and blogs with a variety of content.

  • Ellie

    Ahhh you see I think I’m the opposite in the sense that’s I prefer to read a blog post on a subject I’m super interested in or want to know more about. I do have my favourite bloggers that I love to keep up with all their posts regardless like you do, however sometimes I find if I read posts on topics I’m not as “in to” or in the mood for I get stressed reading them, haha. 🙂 I love how we are all different though. It makes this wonderful world of blogging that unique and exciting it is! 🙂

    Ellie xx

    • meganelifestyle

      Totally get you. I wouldn’t read posts I’m not interested in. It just happens that a lot of bloggers I like blog about topics I’m interested in. Hope that makes sense X

    • Emma Farley

      Agreed. I think the blogger can be the niche, provided they are distinctive enough. My favourite bloggers are those who have a clear voice and who I instantly recognise when scrolling through Bloglovin.

    • Ellie

      Saying that though Megan I’ve actually just wrote the almost complete opposite in one of my newest blog posts to come! Haha 🙂 . I’d say I definitely have my favourite bloggers, including my blogging friends, but I do equally love searching for information I want to know – specifically product reviews or recipes – on any blog out there talking about what I’m looking for. But I definitely do sometimes skip a post if it makes me feel a bit stressed! Or if it’s not quite my cup of tea.


  • Marie-Céline

    I agree! I have several categories I blog about rather than a niche. I like reading blog posts from people I follow because they’re blog friends first and foremost 😃

  • Marta

    Very helpful post. I think I am a lifestyle blogger, but also a happiness and self love one. I started a blog for me, because it made me happy to write, but along the way my posts stared helping others which was a great feeling. I do not think we need to stick to one or two topics, but that we need to write about what we want and what makes us happy.

  • Katie Yvonne

    I feel completely the same way about niches! When I first started blogging I tried so hard to fit myself into a box but now I just write about what I’m passionate about. I also call myself a lifestyle blogger because it’s a niche but it’s kinda loose so you have free reign to wriggle about and find what you love to write about. Have a lovely day x x

  • Ellie Phillips

    I think niche’s are good when a blogger is extremely niche for example they blog about a chornic illness or something that’s very specific to a few people, if you get what i mean. I dont really think lifestyle and beauty bloggers are that niche because they appeal to soooo many people, i dont really have a niche cause i blog about makeup, skincare, lifestyle, photography so im appealing to a lot of different people and i find that that is the case with a lot of other bloggers but its totally ok to not have a niche!

  • Nele

    Well said! A blog is your piece of the internet, so you should be able to do with it whatever you want! I’m mainly covering travel topics, but if I wanna talk about a video game, self care or something completely different, I do 🙂

  • Lindsey

    I completely agree! If I had to class myself as anything, it would be a book blogger. But I post three times a week, and in a fortnight, only three of those posts are reviews. I would definitely run out of things to talk about if I didn’t have a ramble about whatever had caught my attention at that particular moment. Great post!

  • Kristin Harris

    I have always resisted following a very specific niche. I sometimes feel like being so diverse might be hiding me back when it comes to certain things – like growing my Instagram, but I like writing about too many things to change it yet.

    • meganelifestyle

      I wouldn’t worry! There’s lots of lifestyle bloggers on Instagram doing really well. For me it’s about content quality and relatability not necessarily the subject of your content. I like when an Instagram feed is combination of things not just fashion or beauty etc. I like to see some travel, homeware, food all in the mix as it’s more interesting for me X

  • Aimsy

    I think I have to agree with you and feel the exact same way about niches. I don’t stick to one subject on my blog, and posts are posted to do with what I am either doing or loving at the moment. One day I might post something travel related, the next some form of a baking recipe or craft and the next a ‘lifestyle’ type of post. I think limiting the niche would take enjoyment out of blogging for me. On the other hand, I know this can make it a bit more difficult to narrow down who you are appealing to, but blogging is a hobby for me rather than being my main source of income.

    Great post!

    Aimsy xoxo

    • meganelifestyle

      True! It depends what you want to get out of blogging. I agree though I write about what inspires or makes me happy in the moment. Even if you do want to blog as a career, I don’t see not having a niche as a bad thing but challenging yourself to explore new areas and show versatility in writing. X

  • Millie

    Ooo I completely agree!! Whilst I always look to see if I’m interested in the post topic, I mainly return back to the same people despite the topic because I want to read for their writing and support them!

  • Ellie

    Saying that though Megan I’ve actually just wrote the almost complete opposite in one of my newest blog posts to come! Haha 🙂 . I’d say I definitely have my favourite bloggers, including my blogging friends, but I do equally love searching for information I want to know – specifically product reviews or recipes – on any blog out there talking about what I’m looking for. But I definitely do sometimes skip a post if it makes me feel a bit stressed! Or if it’s not quite my cup of tea.


  • Kay

    I totally agree!
    I find it a bit weird, this whole niche thing.
    I describe my blog as crafts and lifestyle (because it’s mostly crafts, and I don’t post about a LOT of what other “L bloggers” share, so i don’t want to mislead people).

    At the same time I feel that if the writing is good, I’ll read anything, I too like to support my friends and fellow bloggers, and as well as this, just because I blog about crafts a lot, doesn’t mean I’m not interested in books, or fashion or whatever, even if I don’t blog about it myself, and I feel like SOME niche circles can be a little closed off to other kinds of bloggers.

    • meganelifestyle

      Completely agree! I think some niches are too narrow. E.g. I’m probably not going to read a blog on designer fashion because I can’t afford it. I like to read things I can relate to X

  • Ruth

    I sort of agree – it just depends what someone wants to do with their blog. I think monetising is easier with a set niche, but it’s also not impossible to do if you don’t have one. I do think it’s important to have the freedom to write about whatever you want to, though, and sometimes, it’s definitely the blogger that makes the blog! 🙂

    • meganelifestyle

      Totally understand. I think if you have found a niche that works for you then that’s great. I just think I’d get bored if I could only write about one thing haha xx

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