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4 Eco-Friendly Storage Ideas

Hello there! How is everyone? I’ve been MIA from the blog over the past couple of weeks. Nevertheless, hospital and Crohn’s drama aside, it’s time to get back to the good stuff. Is anyone else completely obsessed with storage and tidying like I am? I’m not a fan of clutter, so am always on the look out for anything organisation-related. The great thing is you don’t need to go far to find amazing storage. In fact, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and get recycling/upcycling. Here are 4 eco-friendly storage ideas that will save you money and help save the planet by reducing waste.

Glass Jars

I feel like we are getting better at reusing jars, so this is just a little reminder. They are so versatile, whether you want to reuse them for food, create a mini flower vase, pen pot, or even a reed diffuser.

What’s more, you can easily decorate them with paint, stickers or whatever takes your fancy. Add your own creative flair and see what you can come up with!

eco-friendly storage ideas glass jar

Skincare Pots

A recent idea courtesy of my mum. I love the Body Shop body butters and the labels are easy to peel off. Rather than throwing a whole plastic tub in the bin, wash it out and add it to your storage collection. Jewellery, stationery, gift boxes. There’s lots of possibilities here. The same goes for small lip balm or moisturiser pots. They make the nicest earring or ring holders!

eco-friendly storage ideas body butter tub


I don’t know about you, but mugs are something I seem to collect without realising, as they make nice presents and being a chocoholic, I have received some hot chocolate sets over the years. Rather then letting them stay in the cupboard getting dusty though, why not put them to use? From make-up brushes to highlighters, those spare mugs come in handy and mean you don’t need to spend any money on storage.


With my mum being a school teacher, a common end-of-year gift is a candle. I love all the pretty designs on the outside, so instead of throwing away the glass once the candle is burned, use it as an eco-friendly storage solution, or indeed for more candles. Rather than repeatedly buying big candles like the one below, just get the wax refills.

eco-friendly storage ideas candles

eco-friendly storage ideas pinterest image

I hope you like these ideas and that they inspire you to get creative and live more environmentally. If we all do little things such as using more eco-friendly storage, it really will make a big impact.

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