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What the Social Media Downtime Can Teach Us

Hey everyone! It feels like it’s been ages since I last did a post, although it was only a week ago. Before we get onto the main event that was the dramatic social media downtime experienced by many yesterday (13/03/19), I just want to give you a quick blog update.

Redefining my niche and content

I’ve been stressing over my niche and content, so I had a category shuffle and added a couple of new ones. I want to blog more about creative things, not just my bullet journal, so hence the new ‘Creativity‘ section. You can find journal content here as well as any upcoming creative posts. Eco-friendly living is also something really important to me, so I’ll be writing more posts on this subject.

I used to write more fashion, beauty and food posts. I wouldn’t class these in my niche now unless it’s wellbeing-related such as skincare or eco-friendly fashion/beauty. However, if you fancy a trip down memory lane, you can find all my older posts in the archives or categories.

Let’s talk about THAT social media downtime

I’m sure the majority of us noticed the issues that occurred with Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp on Tuesday 13th March. There were a lot of glitches and you couldn’t use the basic app functions. As of this post being written, there’s no confirmed reason for the problems. However, regardless of cause, people were not happy with what appeared to be the biggest social media downtime. It’s 2019, and social media is used by billions of people everyday.

To be honest, I didn’t notice anything had happened until I saw #instagramdown trending on Twitter. I don’t use Facebook or Instagram that much, and my preferred social media platforms are Twitter and Pinterest anyway.

Too reliant on social media?

It amazed me how quickly people fled to Twitter when the apps stopped working. It got me thinking, have we really reached an age where we can’t live without social media? I understand that some jobs are based around social media, but it’s important to remember that technology can be unreliable and we shouldn’t be surprised that these things happen. What’s more, most of the issues only lasted a few hours.

If anything, the social media downtime has shown even more that people can get addicted to social media. Ironic coming from a blogger I know, but I will happily take a few days, weeks or even months (remember that time I didn’t blog for 6 months) off social media. Despite the many positives social media can bring, there are also the dark areas, one of which is the inability to switch off.

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How to stop the addiction

If you panicked when you discovered you couldn’t use Facebook or Instagram, don’t worry, you weren’t the only one.

But what can we do to stop the social media addiction from completely taking over the planet if it hasn’t already?

An important thing to remember is that these platforms didn’t exist a few years ago and people managed perfectly well. I think we are so used to being able to access things instantly, spend hours scrolling through feeds, and send messages, that when that is taken away, we struggle to know what to do with our time.

I also feel with social media that people have a fear of missing out on something, when in fact everything will still be there if you take a break.

Appreciate what is around you

Whether Instagram is working or not, you should take the time to appreciate the environment you are in. Spend time with your family face-to-face, get out in the fresh air, do something that reminds you that there is a world directly in front of you, and not just through a screen.

What were your thoughts on the social media downtime? Do you think it revealed anything about our social media use? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Megan x

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