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Spring Resolutions: Set Your Goals Now

Happy March everyone! How are we 3 months into 2019 already?! I don’t know about you, but my New Year’s resolutions didn’t last long, at least the classic ‘be healthier and fitter’ didn’t. The eco-friendly one is still going strong though. This got me thinking that January is a bad time for resolutions and really our New Year’s goals should be spring resolutions.

Why the switch?

First off, why not January? Well, if you’ve got the be healthier wish like me, January isn’t the most conducive month for such plan. It’s still old and dark and the thought of exercising goes out the window in favour of a Netflix evening (in my case anyway).

What’s more, on the 1st of January, the Christmas/New Year leftovers don’t miraculously disappear and there’s still plenty of food to be consumed.

If you have a desire to save money this year, January sales make this hard too.

Yeah, all in all, January doesn’t lend itself well when it comes to creating aims for ourselves. That’s why spring resolutions are the way to go.

Better Weather

We see an improvement in the weather in spring. The warmer days become more frequent as we make our way to summer. This means that getting out of the house and exercising is far more appealing. The sunshine is just too inviting.

As well as physical health, a bit of sunshine also has a positive effect on mental health. I find that on bad weather days, my mental health is often worse as I just want to curl up under my duvet and not do anything.

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Healthier Food

Having a balanced diet somehow seems easier in spring/summer. I mean, we’ve heard the term spring greens. Gone are the Christmas dinners and vol-au-vents and in come the summer salads.

The odd bit of willpower is needed though as Pancake Day and Easter go by. I can’t remember the last time I had my own proper Easter egg! I have to say Mini Eggs are my weakness though. Then again, the whole point of a balanced diet is that you shouldn’t have to cut out the bad stuff completely. Everything just needs to be in moderation.

Spring Clean

Last, but not least, if your spring resolutions include being more organised, it links perfectly to spring cleaning. Having a clear out helps me focus and improves wellbeing. With the nicer weather too, it’s an opportunity to have a car boot sale and earn some extra cash.

Will you be making any spring resolutions? Let me know!

Megan x

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