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4 Ways to Relax When You’re Stressed Out

I’ve done posts before on how to stay calm and enjoy life. However, while things like having that cup of tea or bubble bath are great ways to keep any stresses at bay, what do you do if you’re having a stressful moment and can’t seem to find your way out? You know the times I mean. When you have a million thoughts going around your mind and you can’t sit still. You might be worried about something and can’t concentrate. Sometimes, those stressed out moments just happen for one reason or another.

Here are some ways to let out all the frustration and regain focus.


We’re not talking bullet journals or colouring books here. I’d recommend putting an apron on, finding a giant piece of paper or canvas and a lot of paint. Then have fun throwing paint everywhere. Paint splattering (I believe that’s the correct term) is so satisfying and great for mental health. What’s more, you can actually end up with a cool piece of art.


As much as I hate to say it, exercise is very beneficial when you’re stressed. Whether it’s going to the gym, using a punch bag, sprint cycling (I have an exercise bike at home and love it)  or running, these bursts of intense exercise is good for the soul. Put all those negative thoughts into physical movement to release the tension.


Yes, I’m one of those people you will find binge watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Tidy house, tidy mind, right? It’s like the painting or exercise, you’re not having to sit still. Just moving around the house, cleaning and organising is very therapeutic. I find that having a tidy house helps mental health too because it’s easier to set your mind straight, whereas lots of clutter can be stressful. For me, tidying up is also like a fresh start, and that effect transfers to my mind.


Writing, and blogging for that matter, is a great source of relaxation. Actually getting your thoughts down on paper and physically seeing them can help you work through them and understand how you’re feeling. The blogging community is a great place to find support, especially when it comes to mental health.

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What methods stop you feeling stressed out? Let me know!

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