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  1. I really enjoyed this post Megan! We had a family holiday to Kitzbuhel in Austria a couple of years ago and went to Salzburg for the day, it’s such a lovely place – I really want to go back to explore more soon!xx

    • The salt mine was probably the best bit. Not everyday you get to go down a mine on a slide! I hadn’t seen the Sound of Music when I went as I was a lot younger but so glad I’ve seen it now! X

  2. Oh wow, Salzburg looks beautiful! Mozart’s house is so pretty! The detailing around the windows is so nice. Amazing architecture and design. I think it’s such a good idea to reflect and reminisce on past holidays and trips. This one sounds like it was very special to you.

    • So sad I didn’t get time to go inside. Will do in the future. You’re so right. I think remembering these things reminds us of how lucky we are X

  3. Salzburg looks absolutely beautiful! I really want to visit Austria, especially this beautiful city and Vienna. I’d love to visit the Sound of Music locations and to visit all the historic places, like Mozart’s birthplace. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! 😊

    Shannen | https://bookmarksandink.com

  4. I had never thought about visiting, but now I’m intrigued. I love seeing places that appear in some of our favorite movies and tv shows. Great post!

    • Rain can really change your perception of a place! Not sure when the best time is weather-wise but definitely go and catch some sunshine if you can. The mountains are beautiful x

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