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  1. Some great ideas. Love isn’t just about time with a partner so it’s a wonderful idea to spend the day with friends and family. Love this post! 💕

  2. Oooh these are really good points! It’s very commercial anyway – love exists on all days. plus it doesn’t have to be spent with a boy/girl – it can be about love for family and friends.

    great post!

  3. A movie night is a great idea for singles on Valentine’s; I think I might do that this year! It’ll probably end up being a rom-com or something though haha. I love that you mentioned that Valentine’s can also be used to celebrate other kinds of love, not just the romantic type. As I inferred in my post, Valentine’s Day came to be a day that all love was celebrated–not exclusively romantic love! This was an excellent Day 4 for the Countdown xx

  4. What a great post! Valentine’s Day is definitely not about being with someone. It’s about being and feeling loved and if that’s with yourself then fantastic! I think we need to all practice self love xx

    • Same! My parents or anyone in my family never do anything for it because they’ve been together for ages and aren’t fussed so it’s never been a big deal!


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