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February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Plan with Me

It’s February tomorrow, which means a new bullet journal spread is needed! I didn’t use my bullet journal as much as I thought I would in January. What with the power of technology, a lot of my planning is done online and I just use my bullet journal to jot ideas down. Nevertheless, I still like designing a spread for each month, purely as something fun and creative to do. It’s also very therapeutic. The February 2019 bullet journal setup sees some colour introduced, different from January’s monochrome theme. So, get your notebooks, pencil cases, washi tape and other bullet journaling supplies and plan with me!

Title Pages Inspired by Pinterest

Yes, I do have a Pinterest addiction, especially when it comes to bullet journals. I get most of my ideas from there or YouTube. Some of my favourite designs I’ve seen recently are the title pages contained in a box. I think they look really pretty, but are minimalist and organised.

Since my birthday in August, I’ve developed a washi tape collection, but haven’t had the chance to use it much. I love this abstract purple/blue tree tape, so this provided the colour palette. Don’t worry though, if you don’t have washi tape, why not decorate the borders with some flowers or hearts.

The Stabilo Boss purple pastel highlighter is another of my favourite stationery items, so I included this to add emphasis to the titles in the weekly spreads (although I may have gone overboard).

Weekly Spreads

I’ve condensed my weekly spreads as I don’t use them much. As it annoys me when a month starts or ends halfway through a week, I don’t like having a weekly spread with just a couple of days on it. I decided to combine these half weeks with the full weeks in February, so I have large grids for all the days. As it turns out, this is more useful, as you can see what is coming up over the next week.

This is the first time I have included a mini calendar in the corner of the weekly spreads and highlighted the week. I like this feature as you always have a monthly calendar no matter what page you are on.

Blog Post Schedule and Goals

In attempt to get organised with blog post ideas and monthly goals, I’ve brought back my little blog plan page. This works for me as I can quickly see what posts need to go up and when, and keep track of my goals.

My notes page is then next to this, so I can think ahead to March and jot down thoughts.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the February 2019 bullet journal setup. I wonder what the March spread will look like?

Have you started a bullet journal in 2019? Do you find it easier to stay organised?

Megan x

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