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What Does Being a Successful Blogger Mean?

When the monthly/annual blog goals come around, a common aim is people wanting their blog to be successful. This got me thinking, what does being a successful blogger mean? Is it easier for some than others?

Are you a successful blogger if you have lots of followers and views?

What with Instagram and the competitive nature on social media, the number of followers/views has become a big part of blogging. I find this quite sad as numbers don’t mean everything. You could have thousands of followers, but if no one engages with your content, does that make you successful?

Working with brands

Securing brand collaborations is often considered an achievement for bloggers. It shows that brands believe in you and your audience engage with your content.

However, which brands represent success? Do you look to so-called popular bloggers and vloggers such as Zoella or In the Frow, who are working with some of the world’s biggest companies?

You could be over the moon when an email comes through from a local start-up business. They want to increase awareness of their brand. It seems like a great opportunity at first, but then compared to the ‘big’ bloggers, does this initial feeling of success diminish?

Going full-time

If you are at a stage where you can go full-time with your blog, then that’s fantastic. You have enough viewers, engagement and money coming in through the likes of sponsored posts, affiliates and resources to be self-sufficient.

So is a full-time blogger a sign of a successful one? Well, maybe not. Some bloggers have the ability to go full-time, but don’t. They don’t want to rely solely on their blog or just might want to do something different as well.

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It’s all relative

While we might give the above points as the criteria for being a successful blogger, can we really define such a thing?

A downside of social media, and the internet in general, is that our ‘want’ for things has surpassed the ‘need’. The instant aspect of the technology means we are increasingly never satisfied with what we have. You could have achieved something incredible, but then see someone’s post about how they’ve reached a million followers or worked with a luxury fashion brand. Our individual successes never feel enough.

But that’s just it. We are all unique and experience life in different ways and at different speeds. We have different goals and different views.

Setting up your blog. That’s a success. Receiving your first view, comment, like, follower. They’re successes. Your first brand collaboration. That’s a success.

All bloggers are successful as everyone has achieved incredible things right from the start.

Please never feel disheartened that you’re not getting enough views or collaborations etc.

Please don’t compare yourself to another blogger who has been blogging a lot longer than you.

When you post on social media, celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small they seem.

After all, they say it’s the little things that count.

What does being successful mean to you? When do you class someone as a successful blogger?

Megan x

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  • ashleigh davis

    I think you’ve made some really interesting points here Megan! Don’t get me wrong I think all of the above are things that I inspire to achieve 😊 however, being “successful” depends on your own goals and what you want. I still think I’m successful without those because I’ve managed to find a platform that makes me super happy! I love connecting with all of you guys no matter how many followers and views you have!

    But honestly though, great post! & I’ve really enjoyed reading 😁💋

    Ashleigh x

  • Ruth

    Ultimately, you’re right when you say it’s all relative. As with any other area of life, your success is defined by achieving your own goals and ambitions! But I understand it can be hard, especially on social media, when people are talking about their various achievements. I love reading those things, but when you haven’t hit those milestones just yet, there’s always a possibility of making comparisons!

    • meganelifestyle

      You’re so right Ruth! Making comparisons is a downside of social media and a struggle to avoid. Success is individual and everyone reaches goals at different points. Hopefully more people will start supporting each other and celebrating the wins no matter what size xx

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