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  1. I think you’ve made some really interesting points here Megan! Don’t get me wrong I think all of the above are things that I inspire to achieve 😊 however, being “successful” depends on your own goals and what you want. I still think I’m successful without those because I’ve managed to find a platform that makes me super happy! I love connecting with all of you guys no matter how many followers and views you have!

    But honestly though, great post! & I’ve really enjoyed reading 😁💋

    Ashleigh x

  2. Ultimately, you’re right when you say it’s all relative. As with any other area of life, your success is defined by achieving your own goals and ambitions! But I understand it can be hard, especially on social media, when people are talking about their various achievements. I love reading those things, but when you haven’t hit those milestones just yet, there’s always a possibility of making comparisons!

    • You’re so right Ruth! Making comparisons is a downside of social media and a struggle to avoid. Success is individual and everyone reaches goals at different points. Hopefully more people will start supporting each other and celebrating the wins no matter what size xx

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