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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep | Tips and Tricks

Starting off the week with a wellbeing post. Specifically, sleep. I, like many of you, love getting a good night’s sleep. For the most part, I don’t have a problem with getting to sleep, especially as I have developed a routine which I stick to as much as possible. However, I find that when I have a late night, it can take me a few days to get back to normal. Whether you are dealing with the effects of a late night, or just find getting a good night’s sleep hard, here are few tips to help you relax and drift off.

No screens in bed

For a long time we have believed that screens are very bad for our health. However, recent reports suggesting that this is not the case definitely makes things more confusing. Are screens bad or not? How much do they affect sleep?

I’ve never had an issue falling asleep if I’ve just been watching TV or a film. There’s plenty of people who nod off on the sofa mid-programme. Then again, watching TV doesn’t require you to do anything, whereas going on social media, emails, messages etc. involves active participation and the constant scrolling makes it hard to switch off.

So, tip 1 for getting a good night’s sleep? Definitely no screens in bed. Stop looking at social media before you go to bed, turn your notifications off. I think the 24/7 nature of technology means that people are afraid they will miss something. However, if it’s on your phone, it will still be there in the morning.

Pillow sprays

Sleep sprays are easy to find nowadays. You can order them online or find them at shops such as Boots. I’ve tried a few and they really work. Drawing on aromatherapy, the likes of lavender, camomile and jasmine are just some scents found in sleep sprays. A popular choice is the ‘This Works’ deep sleep spray (which does actually work), but I’ve recently been using Tisserand’s Sleep Better Pillow Mist which is a lot cheaper and works just as well.  

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Stick to a sleeping pattern

Getting those 8+ hours a night is important. Your mind and body deserve a good rest so you can be properly prepared for the next day. If you don’t have a regular sleep pattern yet, then try developing one slowly. Try slowly changing the time you go to bed by a few minutes every night, avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and evening or making your bedroom as relaxing as possible.

Listen to something in bed

As a child, bedtime stories are a common occurrence, and yet the idea of listening to something while you go to sleep is unheard of as an adult. However, if a reason you struggle sleeping is because you have a lot on your mind and are feeling stressed, then listening to relaxing music, a podcast, audiobook, or the radio can be a great distraction and help you to fall asleep.

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What is your attitude to sleep? Do you have any advice for getting a good night’s sleep?

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