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  1. This post is EVERYTHING!! Totally agree with the first two points, I always see accounts with loads of followers following me and I’m so reluctant to return the follow because I know for a fact they’re only doing it to unfollow me the next day. Also agree with the obligatory follows, sometimes I find being in blogger groups too stressful as I there are too many ‘rules’ and I feel like my comments stop being authentic! Thanks for bringing this to light!

    Alice, https://alspalss.wordpress.com x

  2. I’d love for Instagram to go chronological! It would make things so much easier as the amount of times I’m seeing things for the first time that were posted 2 or more days ago is crazy. I agree with you on the follow threads to, I much prefer those that you follow who inspires you etc as then the follows you receive would be people that fully appreciate your blog to and it would help to find more like minded people!


  3. I totally agree! I started my blog last year and I have noticed that sometimes there’s a pressure to follow all blogs, but I would rather follow blogs I’m actually interested in. Also, I know there’s a lot of hate towards Instagram in terms of following/unfollowing, so I hope to interact with my followers to not fall into those problems.

  4. Omg yes please! This needs to happen!

    Less frustration more growth 🤞🏻❤️

    This post is amazing and addressed many issues that I know tonnes of people are dealing with

  5. I love this and I so so agree!!

    This Follow / Unfollow disaster has to go. And yes!!! Omg I’m so happy you brought light to it. It’s nice that the people who make these follow threads really want everyone to follow through with it, but following everyone just seem… impractical, for lack of better words. I used to do this before on Twitter and my feed got filled with spammy posts. No more 🙅‍♀️

  6. I loved reading this post Megan. You have written literally everything I have been thinking. I agree with it all and these are also my goals for 2019. I will admit that I have been stressed over my following on Instagram and the stupid follow/unfollow game but I’m just not letting it affect me anymore. I love what I put out there and I hope my followers to do and that’s all that matters. 🙂

  7. TOTALLY AGREE! If only Instagram would go back to being chronological. I am tired of seeing a post from 5 days ago like just show me it when it happened plz. Follow/unfollow really has become such a pet peeve with me too, especially when the same people keep following/unfollowing me only to show up a few days or a week later to do it again. It has got to stop.

  8. So true! I agree with everything you mentioned. Especially about following/unfollowing. Engagement is key. It can be disheartening sometimes but at the end of the day, the ones that stick around are your true readers.

  9. Obligatory follow threads annoy me. Like I love follow threads because I find so many new people/blogs, but like you say, sometimes the content just isn’t in your interests. I’d rather have people follow me because they like the content, not because they have to!

    I do disagree about chronological Instagram though. When it used to be chronological you’d only see posts if you happened to scroll really far down. With so many accounts on there now, I feel like I’d end up missing so many posts because there’s just not enough time to constantly scroll as far as you can to see from where you last got up to. I agree it would be better if it was more instant though, rather than seeing really old posts!

    • I get what you mean about Instagram. I don’t really mind if it’s not entirely chronological, but I feel like I’m always seeing the same accounts on my timeline and missing lots of stuff!

  10. Oh yep! Agree. I like finding new accounts to follow, but hate any pressure to follow – surely that doesn’t actually create a genuine engagement which is no help at all really?

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