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January 2019 Bullet Journal Setup | Plan with Me

Happy New Year! Part 2 of my bullet journal setup for 2019 is here. My previous post included a year overview with a calendar and key dates section. This time we are focusing on January. If you are half-asleep from the late night last night, yet still want to do something productive today, this January 2019 bullet journal setup is a great way to have that fresh new year feeling, but in a more relaxed way while the hangover recovery takes place.

January 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve carried on with the monochrome look. After spending the second half of 2018 testing out lots of bullet journal designs, I feel like monochrome is a good way to go for me. Although next month will no doubt see some colour creep in.

Title Page

For the title spread, I added black borders to create a bold effect. They make a statement, ideal for the new year. Alongside the title is a ‘Happy New Year’ message and January 2019 calendar. I would have made the border around the calendar a rectangle, but when I was writing the number, I absentmindedly continued writing and January ended up with 32 days! Hence, the corner design to cover up 32.

january 2019 bullet journal title page

Weekly Spreads

Unlike previous months, my weekly spreads are just single pages for January. This is because I don’t always fill out my bullet journal, so it made sense to save space. I was again inspired by Amanda Rach Lee as the white gel pen on the black background has a really nice effect.

january 2019 bullet journal weekly spread

Blog Habit Tracker

Another reason why I made my weekly spreads smaller is because I usually write all my blog and social media tasks for each day in my weekly spreads. However, creating a habit tracker is more suitable as it saves me writing out the same tasks every day and allows me to view the whole month together.

january 2019 bullet journal blog tracker

My key tasks included in the tracker are blog posts, scheduling tweets, posting to Instagram and Facebook, commenting on other blogs and going on Pinterest. These are things I do daily or every few days. Of course, if anything else specific needs doing I will add that to my weekly spread.

january 2019 bullet journal setup pinterest

I hope you enjoyed this January 2019 bullet journal setup and feel inspired to get journaling. If you have any designs you’d like to see in upcoming months, then let me know your ideas.

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