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Reflecting on 2 Years of Blogging

I’m back after what seems like a lifetime. Over the past few weeks, I have been busy reflecting on myself as a blogger and working behind the scenes on Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle. Hopefully, you can notice the difference.

The reason for such a change?

I’ve worked as a freelance writer for about 2 years now and I wanted to join together this aspect of my life with my blog and create an all-singing, all-dancing site. I’ve also been doing some work with Marketing Voice in Leicester and my knowledge of SEO and WordPress has improved from this experience. I wanted to apply this to the blog to create a better experience for all of you as we head into the new year.

Speaking of…

How is it nearly 2019?! I say it every year, but wow this year has gone quickly. It’s hard to believe that the end of 2018 marks 2 years and 7 months of this blog’s existence. We’ll say 2 years though as I had a break in 2017. My time as a blogger has so far been an incredible journey.

Reflecting on 2 years of blogging

While this is a small blog and I’m not one of those bloggers who can say they’ve collaborated with lots of companies and travelled the world, the past couple of years have been an experience to say the least. My writing has improved, as well as my knowledge of social media and the digital world generally. I have met amazing people and had access to some great opportunities I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for blogging.

In real life (i.e. me when I’m not blogging), I’m one of the quieter ones, sometimes quite shy. My confidence definitely took a hit when I found out about my hydrocephalus and the impact that had on my mental health. Blogging built up my confidence again and what started off as a occasional hobby a few years ago has now grown into one of my main passions. I’m sure there are people that knew me when I was younger thinking “Who on earth is this person?”, as they see my blog and social media. I’m still working on my skills when it comes to meeting people in person, but blogging has enabled me to express myself and that is something I will always be grateful for.

Reflecting back, what I’ve also loved about my time as a blogger and writer is that I have been able to explore different topics and expand my writing repertoire. Some of my previous freelance work even had me writing about online dating and cryptocurrency to name a few. While they are not my subjects of choice, I now know what content I do like writing which has made me look at the future of my blog in a new light.

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What to expect in 2019

So what’s next? Moving into 2019, I’m applying everything I’ve learnt so far to create engaging blog posts to the highest standards. I’ll be focusing more on lifestyle and blogging, but there will still be other topics cropping up such as travel and mental health. The Exciting Emails podcast by the wonderful Vix Meldrew made me think about my niche. My posts had started to become a bit ‘all over the place’, but I want to change this to bring you the best possible content in 2019. Bring on 2019!

What does the new year hold for your blogging adventure? How has blogging changed your life? 

Megan x

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