sober not boring hearing from you 2

#SoberNotBoring Hearing from You #2

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for the support on Saturday’s post. It’s so nice to hear what everyone’s favourite Christmas film is. Today we’ve got some more stories from you for #SoberNotBoring. This has fallen off the radar a bit recently, so let me know if you’d like to see this content about sober living continue.

Telles Nutrition

Over the years I have had a lot of negative experiences of choosing not to drink – I’ve been told by bar staff that “if I didn’t drink alcohol then I’d come to the wrong place”, a guy cancelled a date because I wasn’t “appropriate” for a pub date, and I’ve lost friends because “I’d become boring”. It really affected me, and I didn’t want to go to clubs and pubs because who wants to spend their night being grilled as to why they don’t drink? I think it was great when many bars started introducing mocktails because it gave non-drinkers an opportunity to look the same as their drinking friends and forgo the zillion questions as to why they’re not drinking. There are a thousand reasons as to why someone may choose not to drink – mine is related to a health condition. Sober people aren’t boring – they have chosen to prioritise something else (even if it’s that they just don’t like alcohol) over following the crowd and that shows strength. And their bank balance is grateful too.


I’m not sober because I have any existential mission or overly goody-goody persona to employ. My decision not to drink is simply one born of knowing that I am not a person that can handle much alcohol. I had a gastric bypass years ago, and as a result can’t be certain that I am legal to drive even after one drink – and with small children in the mix, I am more comfortable not drinking than having a glass of wine. It would be my luck that the one night I had one glass to relax, Teeny would break his arm and the conversation would start with “…well, Doctor, I was just having a glass of wine and he slipped on the stairs…” and end with “…seriously, your honor, I NEVER drink!” Humor aside, I just don’t want to be fuzzy with the little ones in the house. That being said, sober is FAR from boring in my house. We love theme nights. I let the kids pick a movie or book that they love and we make a whole dinner with food themed around the plot and characters. It is one of our favourite things to do, so we have them a couple times a month. Last year, we even turned a hurricane (the kids first) into a theme night with “yard debris” (broccoli florets), twice baked potato life boats, and of course virgin hurricanes to drink, after dinner and baths, and before the winds got too bad, I turned out the lights, lit candles and we began to read an age appropriate version of Dracula. Very spooky and fun, and diverted the kids attention from the storm. They never knew when the power actually did go out, so they didn’t know to be afraid. It worked out well. Theme nights can be found at my blog.

Sophie’s Notebook

The most frustrating thing for me about not drinking is that people think you can’t have fun without having a drink. If I’m out on a night out or I’m at a party and I’m not drinking I often get hassled by people asking what’s wrong with me and trying to force drinks on me. It is possible to have a good time without having a drink (I do it all the time!) and if you think otherwise then there’s something wrong with you, not me. By all means, if you want to have a drink then go for it! But don’t pressurise others because they don’t feel the same.

sober not boring hearing from you part 2

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed their thoughts to #SoberNotBoring!

Megan x

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