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  1. I love christmas movies. LoVe actually and The holiday are two of my favourites to watchnij the run up to christmas. I actually went and bought my fsvourite movie set of the sanata clause tomdy just so i can be in the christmas mood. These are a Great Selection of movies. Thanks for the other recommendationS.

  2. I have been watching movies from hallmark and netflix. I am a sucker for these tv movies. i also like the 90s movie mom for Christmas. listening to the title song right now.

  3. It’s never too early for Christmas films! I’ve never seen The Holiday or Stuck in Love. I can’t wait to watch them and get into the Christmas spirit.

  4. Yes to the holiday and love actually they’re such fab christmas films! I also love how you mentioned stuck in love, it’s such a good film that not many people know about. Miracle on 34th street is my favourite Christmas film ever!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  5. Thank you for this list! Christmas films are my favourite! Love Actually is such a sweet movie. I always watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 around this time of year as well!

  6. What a fun POST! I’ve seen stuck in love so many times lol and i have to see love actually and bridget jones DIARY! Thank you for sharing this movies, MEGAN xx


  7. I love this post, but, I hate to say that Love actually isn’t a christmas film… it’s an all year film haha, you don’t just have to watch it at christmas! x

  8. Oooh lots of good films to get you in the mood for christmas. I love the Bridget Jones films, love actually and the holiday! You’ve picked some good ones. I like to watch the Meg Ryan movies like When Sally Met Harry, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve got Mail. Idk what it is about those films…they just have that vibe about them. I like to watch old hollywood films as well, one of my favourites being Meet me in St Louis.

  9. Totally agree with tge holiday and love actually. As strange as it sounds, die hard is on my list too. Its always on at christmas and takes place durinG christmas in The movie.

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