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November Bullet Journal Setup | Plan with Me

New month, new start. Getting back to the bullet journal in November. October’s bullet journaling proved to be pretty non-existent after a stressful September and I never got around to setting up a new month and sharing it with you all. However, I’m determined to change this for November and the design for this month is already taking shape. So, grab your cup of tea, pencil case and notebook, and join me for the November bullet journal setup. Let’s get planning!

November Bullet Journal Setup


As it’s November, the main source of inspiration is fireworks. They’re colourful, fun and easy to draw. Fireworks can also be very minimalist, which is the setup I’m always after. Whilst my fireworks don’t look the best, hopefully you can tell where the inspiration came from. The good thing about them is they can be interpreted differently and become quite abstract.

november bullet journal setup feature image

The colours are autumnal to fit with the time of year. Lots of reds, pinks and oranges, which are perfect for fireworks too.


This month is the first time I’ve used a double page for the title. I wanted it to 3D effect and make a statement. I really like having a bold title that stands out against the plain backdrop.

november bullet journal setup title page

As always, I have a calendar section. This didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but I wanted to experiment with fonts. I love the art-deco style of the numbers, but the red borders around the days of the week wasn’t the best idea!
For each week, minimalism is again the focus. There’s no titles, just grids for each week with a firework design next to each day. I prefer having the space to write down details, rather than lots of decoration, so this works well for me. Of course, if you want to get more creative, feel free to add to the design.

november bullet journal setup calendar

The blog spread is similar to previous months, but the headings are down the side of the page and match the main November title design. There’s also a section for December blog post ideas, what with Christmas approaching.


november bullet journal setup blog spread

That’s my November bullet journal setup in a nutshell. I can’t decide what December’s design will be as there is all sorts of Christmas-related styles to choose from. Red and green? Pale blue with snowflakes and icicles? If you have a design you’d like to see next month, then let me know.

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