#SoberNotBoring hearing from you
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#SoberNotBoring Hearing from You No.1

Hey everyone! I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve done a blog post, when in reality, it’s only been a week and a half or something like that. Nevertheless, it’s good to be back. Putting all university drama aside for one moment, it’s time to get #SoberNotBoring properly underway! To kick things off, we are hearing from some fabulous bloggers about their experiences with alcohol and sobriety. There will be a few more posts like this over the next couple of months, and I’m so thankful to everyone who got in touch and shared their story. It’s truly inspiring.

#SoberNotBoring – Hearing from You

Brandy Yates

I used to try to fit in and drink when I was out with my peers. I never was really into drinking because I saw how crazy it had people acting. To me, they looked pure stupid with some of the things they said and did. I noticed a lot of people did things out of their usual when they were drinking. I didn’t want to be that person out of awareness and being a victim of something bad happening. People used to always wonder how I can still be so chill and enjoy my surroundings without an ounce of liquor in my system. I told them, I don’t like being fake for any reason. I’d rather just be me, build my confidence, and let them know the REAL me.

That way I can wean out the ingenuine people in my life. Most people may not even like someone but when liquor is involved, EVERYONE is super friendly. I never wanted that life. So, I learned to enjoy myself, my surroundings, and other people while being sober. Plus, it lets me be so aware to learn how people act when they are sober vs when they drink. There are a few I come across who are actually the same person when they drink, but there are MANY who are totally different people and I rather not have that stigma on me.

Elle’s Ecrit

I don’t drink at all. It just doesn’t interest me and the alcohol that I have tried I don’t like the taste of. As a student, this comes with challenges, especially during Freshers Week. In my first year, my uni had very little activities that didn’t involve going out. This year, I’m pleased to see that there are more activities for those who don’t drink. I also hate the stigma that you are boring if you don’t drink. I simply see it as just a choice that I’ve made, and I don’t understand why there is so much emphasis on having to drink.
I find the peer pressure annoying, but what’s more hurtful is when your friends try to pressure you. I am very lucky in that the majority of my friends support me, but there are a few that have problems with it.

Little Blog of Positivity

Since embarking on a 90-day break from alcohol at the beginning of December 2017, I have:
• sober danced
• been to a hen party sober (and had a fab time)
• cruised sober and
• finally started the blog I had been meaning to get around to forever!
I have so much energy to do things and love going out and staying sober. I actually remember conversations I’ve had with people!
Definitely not boring! Talking about myself all night, repeating myself and then lying in bed all the next day with a hangover, that was boring!
9 months on I can’t ever see me going back to my wine habit 🙂

#SoberNotBoring hearing from you
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