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There are so many great tools to make blogging easier now. From scheduling to design, the resources are second to none. However, some apps require payment, and whilst I don’t doubt their quality, as a student wanting to save money, I prefer free apps. I have to say, there’s an impressive choice out there that are great for blogging and keep your bank account looking healthy. Here are my top 5 free blogging apps that will save you time and money.

My Top 5 Free Blogging Apps

Photoshop Express

I hate to say it, but aesthetics and Instagram themes are rife in the blogging community. My focus is always on my writing, but as social media and branding become more prevalent, photo editing is useful. However, there are great free apps out there that at the moment fit the bill, rather than purchasing Adobe Lightroom, which the whole world seems to be doing now.

Enter Photoshop Express, the free version of Lightroom. I recently discovered the app, and so far so good. There’s lots of filters and all the necessary editing tools such as brightness, clarity, and temperature. It’s available as a mobile app and computer programme, which is ideal as you can edit photos on the go or at home, having access the same themes.


I’ve used Airbrush for a long time, and I love it! There’s so many filters, perfect for landscape photos. My Devon ocean photos on Instagram were created using Airbrush. Again, all the key editing tools included.


I think the entire blogging community will agree that Canva is a life saver when it comes to graphics. You can create beautiful designs for your social media posts and blog all for free! The below image was created with Canva, please feel free to pin, share etc.

top 5 free blogging apps



Twitter scheduling is one of the best areas for free apps. From Hootsuite to Tweetdeck, there’s a vast selection to choose from. My favourite is Buffer. Whilst the free version limits the number of tweets you can schedule, I’ve never found this to be a problem.

Buffer is really user-friendly. I tried Hootsuite but found the display far too busy and I got lots of spam mail from them. Buffer is light on the emails and easy to use. You can also add other social media such as Instagram.


Crowdfire is another scheduling platform for social media. However, I use it for managing my Twitter. I don’t like unfollowing people, but at the same time, it’s nice to have a Twitter feed full of fresh content. If someone hasn’t been active for 6 months, then I can’t discover new content by following them. Of course, if they start posting again, then I’ll click follow straight away. The free version of Crowdfire only lets you unfollow/follow 10 people each day, but it’s easy to just go on Twitter and type in the username from Crowdfire.

That’s it from me today. These are my top 5 free blogging apps, what are your recommendations?

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