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  1. Hey Megan,
    What a great post you’ve written HERE. I used to follow a pretty steady skincare routine but after I suffered a reaction to some products I used I DECIDed to minimize my usage of plenty product and stick to just a simple steady fix. Which is just my black soap and an ANTIINFLAMMATORy cream,but I’m thinking of adding a cleanser cause my face has gotten a lot oily and produces MORe oil than it used to , LEAVING me with break out and pigmented skin as a result of scars. I think I want to try out a few of these products and see what they can do for and maybe get me a flawless skin as I used to have.

    • It’s taken me a while to have a routine and even now I forget sometimes! I haven’t tried Dermologica before, will have a look at the products. Thank you!

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